Thursday, March 11, 2010


Bella the blur after our long morning walk!
We love walks.....anytime, anywhere.....count us in.
Except Kendra.
Although the traditional 6 a.m. walk started with Kendra who wouldn't
walk if there were people around. She would go very early. Eventually,
she accepted other people who were walking that early.
Now, she has a choice. If she lines up to get her collar and lead on, she comes.
(If she does come, Bella and I know to expect a short, slow walk!)
The morning walk is the most important walk of the day because cats have been
running around all night. I have to patrol the area to make sure they know
daytime is DOG time.
I have to check all the stormwater drains, and underneath cars. I always
remember where I've seen a cat before. I'm teaching Bella.
We have retractable leads. Cats don't understand those and think I can
chase them. Boy, do they take off!
This morning was a three cat walk. Bliss.
Then home for breakfast. Bella just wanted to run around madly. Go Figure.
Maybe she's in training for cat chasing.


  1. Carrleigh saw a cat at the Vet in a crate one time - none of the rest of us Scotties have ever seen a cat - do they taste good?

  2. way to show those kitties who's boss! :D

  3. Dogs RULE and cats DROOL!!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia