Thursday, June 28, 2012

SHE was telling a friend the other day about what a mess we make of the carpet as if HER clodhoppers don't bring in dirt.

And that SHE's thinking of putting down some other floor covering; but SHE thinks tiles might be too cold and wood might get scratched and so on and so on........

Would you believe that this 'friend' said, "You could always keep the dogs OUTSIDE!!!

Roxy     Daisy     Bella


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012


Yesterday we went to the HUGE sports ground.

They have about 870 games played simultaneously on Saturdays.
 And I, Daisy, got lost!
Daisy at a happier time.
(These are old pictures.)

Bella and Roxy were running around while I caught up on some pee-mail gossip.
Bella, decided to have a poo right at the end of a cricket pitch.
SHE grabbed a bag and then looked for a bin.  There was one way over on the side, so SHE walked over there.  Roxy and Bella followed.
I didn't see them go. When I looked up, I couldn't see anyone. I thought I WAS ALL ALONE!
 I panicked.
I raced back to the car, but they weren't there.  I could hear HER calling and whistling, but couldn't tell from which direction, so I raced down to our beach to see if they were there.
Next I ran up to where we started our walk.
By then, I spied them walking towards me.  I was so happy.
I ran as fast as my short, 9-year-old legs could carry me!
And made sure I wasn't alone for the rest of the walk.

Have you ever been lost?  It's scary.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Great Weekend

No words needed......

We hope you had a fabulous weekend, too.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cold Day Play

No dogs out, 
Three dogs in
This how our game begins

 One dog in,
Two dogs out
Now we want to change about

 One dog out
Two dogs in
Now we all change back again

 Say, this is how we like to play,
We could play all day this way.
 Three dogs in
Two want out
But SHE won't open the door........anymore.

Looks like it's the end of our game.
It always seems to end the same.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crazy Sign

 Another cold, rainy day here.  Hope this sign gives you a laugh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Box Day

 We've joined in the OP's International Box Day!

          Roxy                     Daisy                 Bella
We like the boxes that FOOD and TREATS come in best!
Our kibble came in the big box that I, Daisy, am 
sitting in.
(They're fun to rip up, too--there's just something about cardboard!)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rainy Saturday

 It rained all Saturday, so we didn't go to the river and we didn't even have a walk!  (She says there's a 'no walk in rain' clause in our contract.)

I, Daisy, got in some intensive training for the Olympics--individual sleeping event.
 Naturally, Bella watched television.
The History of Wales 
She's addicted. 
 And Roxy had a short training session, before going outside
 to dig in the mud.

Followed by a foot bath.....
(after galumphing through the house with muddy feet)
 And then she de-stuffed the pillow that I, Daisy, sleep on!
Sunday morning, we were out early in the fog having a long walk.
  Had it been raining, we think there would have been an easing 
of the
 'no-walk-in-rain' clause.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

 Jedda lives behind us on the other side of the fence.  She's a tiny girl--just a puppy-- and we love running up and down the fence line with her.  
 We feel a bit sorry for her because her young parents are at work all day and she's alone in the back yard. 
She's a good puppy and just plays with her toys or sleeps.
A couple of weeks ago, she started barking and just kept it up.
SHE went to investigate and noticed that a jacket had fallen off the clothes line and it upset Jedda.  
Then the other day, Jedda started barking again.
SHE went to see what was wrong and talk to her.
 At first it was hard to see what was upsetting the pup.  But then SHE noticed that there was....

a big orange something emerging from a cocoon.
 Jedda barked at it all afternoon.
(Note: though we can see what upsets Jedda, we can't get in her yard to help her.)

Friday, June 15, 2012


We have been given this award  by our friends Fred and Gloria the bassets, Susie and Sidebite (the scotties) and Reuben that handsome dachshund! We are honoured (but feel that it is the wrong award--we'd do better with one for being Slack and Procrastinating, to be honest!)

We are asked to answer a few questions as recipients of this award.  So here goes:

1.  What is our favourite number?  We'd have to say three because there are three of us, and all of our treats and stuff come in threes.

2.  What is our favourite non-alcholic drink?  Water.  River water, rain water,  puddle water, gutter water....or water that has been ageing in pots.  (Roxy has been known to drink bubble bath water.)

3.  Do we prefer facebook, twitter, or blogging?  It has to be blogging.  SHE has a facebook page, but doesn't use it much and the only twitter we know about is the birds that we chase.

4.  What is our passion?  Cats!  Chasing them, barking at them or just observing them.  We are fairly obsessive.

5.  What is our favourite pattern?  You guessed it.  Tartan....what else..any colour.

6.  Our favourite day of the week?  SATURDAY, when we go to the river to meet our friends and get filthy dirty.  We don't even mind the baths much afterwards, and then we get bones.

7.  Our favourite flower?  Daisies, of course.  

So thank you so much friends who passed this award along to us.  It's nice to be thought of.

(and now for something different)

Roxy just loves our little heater.

Happy Friday, it's nearly the weekend....!

Monday, June 11, 2012

 I know this looks like we're just greedily snarffling up some great liver crisps....
 But we read on the packet that we're 
 helping some dogs who are waiting for their forever homes.
 So we figure that if we eat these all up, we'll have to buy another packet and help more dogs.
We love helping less fortunate pups.
Because that's the kind of dogs we are.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


 Saturday morning we went to the Devil's Elbow, as usual.
 It was quite frosty when we got there.
 But when the sun came out, the frost disappeared.
 We love running around....especially Roxy.
 I found some great grass to eat.
 Roxy and Bella went ahead, to see our friends.

Then we found out that Fred wouldn't be coming.
Big Fred, the gentleman....
Max, Big Fred, Jake and Buddy in front.

had jumped his front fence at home and attacked a small white, fluffy dog who went over the bridge.
We don't know why.
But Fred was sentenced to go over the bridge, too.
We have mixed feelings.  Fred was always so gentle with us and all the dogs at the river.  He was well known around town at various sausage sizzles.  The young ranger who had to take him away was very upset. 
 However, we know how SHE would feel if we were attacked, so we feel sad for the little dog and his peeps as well.
It's just a sad situation all around.
Goodbye Fred.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday....nearly

Seen at our local RSPCA Million Paws WALK!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 First of all, we'd like to apologise to our good friend Corbin on missing his BIG Day!
We've read so many blogs about Pitt Bulls, that we don't think we can add anything, BUT we want you to know, that because of the 'dangerous dog' laws here, we've never met a Pitt Bull in the furs.  However, through the blogs of our Pittie friends, we have learned so MUCH!  We'll never judge a breed by what's in the news and we tell everyone we know.  As pointed out many times it's the humans!  When we see mistreated dogs, who still have the capacity to LOVE and forgive, we are amazed!

Look at that handsome face!
 Corbin, Happy Birthday from us slackos. We know you had a BLAST with your wonderful peeps and fosters!




Daisy:  Where are we?
 Yesterday, I went for a ride with HER.  This isn't unusual.  I, Daisy, love car rides, so I sometimes go places alone with HER.

 I am IN a shop!  Yes, we have a new PetBarn in town.  It just opened up last weekend and they let DOGS in!  I've NEVER been in a shop before.
These cats (who are looking for homes) couldn't believe their eyes!
 I checked out all of the fashionable gear.
 But didn't get anything.

There were some dogs looking for homes, too.
They are up for adoption from the local shelter.
  There are NO PUPPIES on sale here.
 Oh, except little Missy.  When we stopped to take her picture, the staff got all excited and thought we were interested in adopting her.  But we had to say that our little house was FULL.  We hope Missy finds a home soon.
 In the week that they'd been open they'd rehomed 30 animals!
Sometimes humans just have to see the gorgeous animals that are available.
 There was stuff everywhere to look at!  I was trying to look in all directions at once and nearly got whiplash!
The staff all came over to say hello to me because most of them had never seen a scottie in person, but I was too busy to waste time letting them gush over me.
I checked out all of the treats and was so excited that SHE couldn't get a photo.  I also got to sample some AND choose some to take home.

I chose venison ears and Wellness cookies--fish and sweet potato, and peanut butter honey....
We all had some when I got home.
It was fantastic UNTIL I spied THIS!  A car wash for dogs!
There always has to be a thorn.