Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chewsday--Circle up those scotties

Form a circle girls.
Protect your backs......we could be attacked.
If it gets out that we've got these beef tendons.

Also PUPDATE: Millie
Millie has made a little progress with her pig's ear over the last week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank you Frankie Furter

Look, we got corn today.....for the very first time. That's thanks to Frankie who's been showing his corn-eating prowess and talking about his corn stalks that are growing.

Kendra tucked right into hers.....she eats anything. It didn't take Bella long to work out what to do either.

I wasn't quite sure how I should eat it.
Once I figured out to eat just the outside, I was right. Didn't take long to finish it.
Kendra had already eaten the corn and crunched the cob into several pieces that had to be taken away from her. I just ate the corn. Bella had to be chased all over to get her cob taken away. It was delicious. And we were glad to try it as dinner was pretty ordinary........just kibble.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


First of all, we loved all the captions for our last post. You guys came up with some beauties. We had a good chuckle. And you were right, it was me. Kendra and Bella don't like the car. They huddle on the floor.

We had another frost this morning. Then it turned into a sunny, cold day. Walks were short and unexciting. Even the cats were curled up somewhere keeping warm.

As usual Bella tried to get some in-house zoomies going, but settled for gorilla tug-o-war. She disappeared into the back garden for awhile and we could hear her upsetting the dogs next door. She remains silent but gets them barking and growling until they get in trouble. Their humans can't understand why their dogs are going crazy at the fence.

Next we heard rustling in the bushes. Our camera chimes when it turns on, or is ready to take a picture,
so Bella knew to stop whatever she was doing. We could only get stills of her trying to act innocent in the bushes.
What....you think I dug that dirt out?

I'm completely innocent.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We have just had two of the most boring days ever. No walks. None at all. It has been raining off and on. And has turned cold. But the main problem has been Alpha. She's lost her voice and isn't going out into the cold. We tried to get her to snuggle in bed with us. But would she listen? No. She decided to clean the house, so none of us could nap. Then when she had to go shopping, Bella went crazy. She got out the vacuum cleaner bags....and ripped them out of the box. Then she rearranged the clothes cupboard, bringing shoes out and dragging them all over the place. She killed a few paper bags. Bella doesn't do boredom well. So it was clean up again. Anyway, it has been boring!!!

So, we thought we'd do the caption thing again. We had so much fun reading everyone's captions last time, we thought it might be fun to do it again. (Originally, we were going to have a contest, but were glad we didn't have to pick a best one because we had a good laugh at them all.) So see what you can do with this one:

Friday, June 25, 2010


Look at that!
It's Marmalade!
Marmalade's the ginger cat who lives two houses down from us. He sneaks down to our house at night and sniffs around our front garden. He scratches his sharp claws on our tree. He knows we can't get him.
Let us go!
Note from the photographer: Pictures are fuzzy because I was holding three scotties with my left hand--two going berserk and one nosing in the gutter for possible snacks, while I did some one-handed camera work!

Thursday, June 24, 2010



The birds Bella chased were galahs--a type of cockatoo. They're VERY common around here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's Chewsday today. We decided we'd show our little friend Millie.
She's 10 weeks old now and this is her first ever Pig's Ear.
She LOVES it.
It's nearly as big as she is!
It'll take her a few Chewsdays to get through it.

And this is me because this is MY blog.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Marli Monday

We went to see Marli today. Marli has to stay all alone some days. Her family is either at work or school. So we sneak over to play with her and no one knows! It's our little secret.
First we check out her food dish to see if there is anything left. Today there was. I scored a few bits until Alpha took it away from me. There were some bones with a bit of chew still left on them in Marli's bed. But those were removed too.

So it was on with the games. We chased each other all over the yard in the sun.
That Marli is one fast labradoodle.
We ran around and around, stopping only for a little rest, play fights,
or a drink.
I always get into Marli's water dish. They call me the hippo.

I dry off afterwards.

When we're tired, we put everything back the way it was, and leave.
We gave Marli one of our Roo Chews when we left.
See ya again soon, Marli.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's Walk

Boy was I worried this morning. All week, we've only had short walks in the morning and Alpha has disappeared all day AND we missed our afternoon walks. Then this morning, we got our breakfast bones BEFORE a walk. I did get to go on the coffee run, BUT BEFORE we went for a walk! Things looked grim. As clouds gathered overhead, she finally decided we should go for a walk before it rained.
We went to the sports ground, always a favourite of ours.
First we chased birds. Couldn't get pictures of the crows. They teased us. I think crows are actually flying cats. They act the same. At least we had those galahs on the move.

We explored the wooded end. Kendra was let off the lead. She was way behind as usual, but at least she was moving.
Of course, Bella iniated a game of chasey/bitey face.

Bella grabbing me.
Me getting Bella. Kendra doesn't like games, unless there's a ball involved.
I think we got each other in this shot.

We stopped by to see our friend the cattle dog. Usually we race each other up and down his fence. Today, he just wanted to say hello to Kendra.
Turned out to be a good day after all--and it never rained.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's this?

What is this black blur with snapping jaws and flashing teeth?
It's Bella.

Everytime we go for a walk, Bella grabs the collars and leads and helps carry them out to the front gate. She usually grabs mine so it's wet when I have to put it on. It's one of her many games!

Friday, June 18, 2010


See this little guy? ( He's about an inch, or 2.5 cm long.) We saved him......or at least I would have if I hadn't been told to get away. He was entangled in a spider's web. With a huge Redback walking towards him. BUT he shed his tail when we were rescuing him!
A Redback is a venomous spider related to the Black Widow Spider. Boy was that little skink lucky. He was VERY close to being bitten. We let him go in the garden.

This is the spider. See the red on her back? She was quite large. Her abdomin was about the size of a pea. We get them in the corners of our house outside. Usually, spiders are safe around us. Our rule is anything that kills flies and mosquitoes is a friend of ours. Unfortunately, for this spider and her eight egg sacs, she picked the wrong place to make a web. The laundry room is no place for a Redback.
Then a couple of days later, another Redback caught a HUGE moth ( about 3 inches long). Her web was on the outside of the laundry room window. It was too late for the moth as the spider had already bitten it by the time we noticed. Redbacks are not aggressive spiders and you pretty much have to pick them up, for it to bite. But because we are such great bug catchers, they have to go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kendra's favourite

We ALL enjoy a good roll on the grass (or the carpet); but Kendra just loves it!
Here she demonstrates the fine art of rolling on the grass.

Bella: Okay Kendra, that's enough!