Saturday, June 26, 2010


We have just had two of the most boring days ever. No walks. None at all. It has been raining off and on. And has turned cold. But the main problem has been Alpha. She's lost her voice and isn't going out into the cold. We tried to get her to snuggle in bed with us. But would she listen? No. She decided to clean the house, so none of us could nap. Then when she had to go shopping, Bella went crazy. She got out the vacuum cleaner bags....and ripped them out of the box. Then she rearranged the clothes cupboard, bringing shoes out and dragging them all over the place. She killed a few paper bags. Bella doesn't do boredom well. So it was clean up again. Anyway, it has been boring!!!

So, we thought we'd do the caption thing again. We had so much fun reading everyone's captions last time, we thought it might be fun to do it again. (Originally, we were going to have a contest, but were glad we didn't have to pick a best one because we had a good laugh at them all.) So see what you can do with this one:


  1. I think I see a bunny over there!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Is that a kangaroo I see?

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  3. Oooh, we DO love your caption posts, they're so much fun - we think you should make them a weekly event (or at least monthly!)

    Hmmm, now let us think - we're going to assume it's you Daisy looking out of the window. (We apologise if we're wrong, we still have a bit of trouble telling you three raven-haired beauties apart!) When we look at this photo we like to fancy we're viewing a training event, with Daisy shouting 'come on Bella - run FASTER! Keep UP Kendra! Stretch those paws! Work it girls, WORK IT!!'

    He he he! We're sorry to hear you're so bored - rain is NO fun is it? We sure hope it dries up for you soon - and Alpha gets better soon.

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  4. Hey, you can see our house from here! Oh, that's the opera house.....where's my glasses!


  5. "oh. my. word. who farted?! i need air!!"

    i hope your alpha feels better way soon and that you can stop being bored. please give her some gooey nose kisses for me!
    the booker man

  6. It sounds like Bella did a good job "helping" with the cleaning!

    As for the caption, maybe "Wait, is that Marmalade?"

  7. There is nothing more annoying than a human hellbent on housework... On the other hand, hope Alpha feels better soon.

    Now about this caption (great game by the way) but we are a bit goes:

    Daisy the amazing Scottish Terrier from Australia witnesses trees moving and is called to parliament as a special witness...

    Sorry, just realised we are hopeless at this but it was fun anyway.

    Hector and Bonny

  8. No!! you two will have to walk...this is for princess's only.....

    hope you are feeling better..x