Friday, April 30, 2010


We were looking through old photographs the other night, and we found these.
Alpha said she took a break from scotties years ago--yes, you read that correctly--"a break from scotties." Do you believe it?!
This is Fiona. She was a small wolfhound. Alpha says she'd love to have more wolfhounds but they are too big for our house and garden. I know that Kendra is scottie number 7, I'm 8 and Bella is 9. But I never knew about this dog! I mean our house is full of scottie statues, cups and stuff. Wow, the things you find out.
Didn't last long! This is Carys, she was number 6. I never met her; but , apparently, she was the perfect scottie according to people who knew her. I'm trying hard to get that reputation, myself. But it's a hard act to follow!
Pee S. Carys was a dedicated cat chaser, too.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Do you have difficulty getting through to your humans? It's frustrating sometimes!
Like the other night. I just wanted to sit at the front gate for awhile. The carport door was closed, so I went to Alpha. I did the jumping around bit, did a few woh-woh-wohs and aaaarooos to get her up. Took awhile. I got her to the back door, but when she saw that it was open, she went back to her chair. I went through the whole charade again. She didn't move. Next, I tried mental telepathy. I just stared and stared at her. That didn't really work; but she did realise I needed something and got up. I led her to the carport door and pushed my nose against it several times. Finally, she caught on--yeesh! Sometimes I have doubts about her intelligence.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Driving Miss Daisy

Morning zoomies

It's getting colder in the morning. The grass is wet with dew. Zoomies time! Bella races off to start the game. Bella in action!

Me chasing Bella.

Look at our great zoomie tracks in the dew.
Then home for a dry-off and breakfast.
PS. Kendra has to stay on the lead.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Me, Daisy, exploring.
Today I went visiting. That's because when the car keys are jiggled, I come running and the others hide. We went for a long drive to another town. There was so much to look at on the way: cows, horses, sheep, emus and alpacas. I met two big, bouncy, blonde labradors who live there; but they were so excited and noisy that I was allowed in the house. I sniffed every inch of that house, no one minded. All new territory. I got some Goodos and cheese because they thought I was so cute, and lots of attention. I tried to make friends with Max and Jett on the way out, but they just barked. It was a great day. Sometimes I'm glad Kendra and Bella don't like the car.

They didn't even mind when I left some pee-mail on the carpet. (Now why did I do that?)

Our window

We're a curious bunch. This is our front window. We can see all the action on the street: walkers, dogs, cats, birds, kids.....etc. Sometimes a fly or moth gets in the window and we try to catch it. We do fantastic, if temporary, nose art on the glass. It is one of our best surveillance points. Do you have a favourite place to watch the world go by?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy ANZAC Day

Today is ANZAC Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp). It's the day we remember all the service people who have fought in wars and those who died. Every town and city will have a parade and rememberence ceremony at their war memorials. Then the Returned soldiers will go to a pub or club to reminiscence and play Two Up. It's a gambling game played by soldiers in WWI and only allowed on ANZAC Day. All schools would have had a special service on Friday. It's not a day to glorify war; but to recognise the sacrifices of those who have had to fight, and to hope some day we can have peace.
We were going to go to the parade, the old soldiers are known as Diggers and we're diggers; but it's raining. Oh well, guess we'll just curl up and watch the huge parade in Sydney on the telly.
PS We'll be thinking of Digby as well.

On Guard

We're having a special rubbish pick up for tree prunings in our community, so there have been piles of branches up and down the street. I found a cat hiding in one of the piles, spying on us dogs and I chased it outta there. Since then, we've been vigilantly checking out each pile on our walks. We've found lots of pee-mail, so other dogs are on to their latest sneaky trick as well. (These two piles checked out okay.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bella's idea of helping

Every morning for our 6 a.m. walk, Bella 'helps' by tugging on Alpha's jeans legs, shaking them, stealing shoes and running off with them. It takes us so long to get out of the house when Bella helps. I'm the cheer squad and jump up and down trying to hurry everyone along. But Bella keeps holding us up while she 'helps'. Sometimes she is just a pain.

Crazy humans

We heard on the television that some women are hiring Stylists at $160 an hour to advise them on what to wear to drop off and pick up their children from school. This is so they won't be shunned by some of the other mothers. Well, our advice (and you can have this for free) is to get a scottie (or one of you other beautiful dogs) and no one will notice what you're wearing. Does anyone remember what Sadie's handler was wearing? My point exactly.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's Autumn! We don't have very many trees that lose their leaves. We mostly have eucalypts. But the main street of town is lined with trees that are starting to turn yellow and lose their leaves. Here I am showing off the leaves. We stopped off while on the morning coffee run. I get to go if Alpha doesn't have to work. The other two hate riding in the car. They miss out on so much!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bella's rebellion

This is Bella's 'the walk wasn't long enough' stance. She just digs in and won't move. After a minute or so she comes in. But sometimes we just drop Kendra off before we continue our long walk. Then she thinks she's won.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This is our friend Marli. She is a very bouncy Labradoodle. She came to visit us when her family was having a new fence put up in the back yard. Bella immediately, and rather rudely I thought, reminded her that she was only a guest. Then the fun began. We ran around playing chases and bities until we were tired. Then we came inside. Marli is an outside dog; but it didn't take her long to get comfortable on the chair! She was a very good guest.

Bella and I went to play with her yesterday at her house. She and Bella launched into a wild game of chasing and biting. I spent most of the time exploring their big backyard and garden. That is, when I didn't have to get between Bella and Marli to remind Bella not to be so rough. Marli is an only dog and she doesn't know how to tell Bella off when she's being too wild. I think she thought as Bella was a guest, she shouldn't growl at her. So I had to do it. Bella did calm down a bit. Anyway, we all had a great time. I think we might be invited again.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey, where's mine?

We went to the Farmers' Market this morning. Not to buy anything, but to give Bella people lessons. She is shy around people. I went because I love everyone and I'm a good influence. I tried to help her, but there were so many smells, sights, people and dogs that I kept forgetting what I was there for. Anyway, Bella got treats for sitting quietly or walking. I did get her to walk around the area nicely. She wasn't as bad as she was last time, so we hope she'll learn that people aren't too bad. Everyone said how beautiful and cute we are. We're used to that. But I was so busy looking around, greeting people and dogs, I kept missing out on the treats. I finally had to ask for some before they were all gone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And now for something different......

They're not scotties...I bet you picked that straight away. They're rhinos. We live near a zoo. (Not that I've ever been there.) On our early morning walks sometimes we hear the Siamang Apes. That's if the kookaburras quieten down for a few minutes. Siamangs sound REALLY wild.
Anyway, our zoo is a breeding zoo for endangered wildlife. This little girl is only 2 months old. She's the eleventh calf born in the breeding program. She is one of the hopes for the future of the black rhino.

Alpha thinks she's cute....but then, she thinks any baby is cute (even kittens).

After she visited the new rhino, she went to say hello to some of her favourite animals. This is Suzie the wombat. She was rescued when her mother was killed and now lives permanently at the zoo. Alpha reckons that wombats and scotties look similar. Well....I do sleep on my back, dig, we both have stumpy legs and pointy ears. But I'm not that fat!

The zoo 'enriches' the animals by hiding their food. This little Meerkat is getting crickets out of a papier-mache ball. He had to stretch to reach them. The spin-off of this is WE get enriched. That's why we go for so many walks, have kongs, bones, chase balls, ride in cars, get brushed and get cuddled. We're very happy to hear about all you other doggies being enriched, too. (The dog next door only gets enriched when Bella puts her paws under the fence and upsets it so they have a growly game.)
If they ever allow dogs to go to the zoo. I'm going to be first in line.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


See this cat. We used to know this cat. His name was Patsy (what does that tell you, huh?). He lived with some friends of ours. He's the only cat I've ever been near. Let me tell you, he was a totally useless cat. He never ran. Didn't understand the game of chase the cat. It didn't matter how many times I gave him the scottie nudge (you know, that's when you run up, nudge hard with your nose, jump back and bark) he never ran. He'd just show his teeth and hiss, but not move.

Sometimes when we visited his house, he'd get in our car and sleep on our seat. Even when we charged into the car and stood over him. He would get up and move in.... slow..... motion out the door. Boy, he was infuriating. Is that a useless cat, or what?

PS He disappeared one night. Never found a trace. Maybe he got into one car too many.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What a face!

That my friends, is nice, sweet Bella. She's attacking me in a game of bitey--whatever you can bite. I'm under the chair--not hiding, just protecting my back. She gets in these crazy, rumble moods and no one's safe. It's usually me who has to play with her. We play a fast game of growl, chase and bite--running all over the place. Well, wouldn't you run if you saw that face coming after you?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is an Ex-cockroach. Not many come to our house. But, boy, when they do the chase is on!

We catch it, paw it, give it a little bite and shake it.

Usually it's a short game. They're pretty wimpy. They give up easily--just turn over and refuse to move. Then game's over and we have to find something else to do.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Guess who's One!

It's Bella! She is now 1.

We had a cake. It was made of beef/kangaroo mince with cottage cheese (low fat) icing and bone biscuits to shore up the sides. Bella got some liver treats, a new big kong like mine, some chewy things and a brush. Actually the new brush is to replace the one she destroyed. (There's no wood on this one).

We wouldn't wear the party hats--couldn't even be bribed. And wouldn't cooperate to get a group shot. (Lynn, how do you do it?) But here's Bella having first go at the cake.

She tucked right in.

Then Kendra got a turn.

Then Bella again.

I had my turn when it was put on the floor. I'm the only one who won't take food off the table.
I have manners!

We each had a go until there was nothing to lick but the plate.

(I saw lambshanks in the fridge; but as the cake contained enough food for three dogs for two dinners. We'll have those another time!)

* * * *I love Birthdays!* * * *