Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday--Scotties in the bush

Bella foreground, Daisy background, Kendra behind photographer....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Surprise for us!

 We got a surprise in the mail today.........a parcel from Becky Blue Bonnet!
 Look at all the great scottie stuff!
Bella                               Daisy                              Kendra
 A note pad that sticks to the fridge, so SHE can write down all the food and treats we need.
A Nine Dollar Bill with a scottie on it.  We think it's Becky.  Some scottie buttons and
a scottie patch.  SHE's going to put it on one of her sweatshirts or jumpers.
Bella                                      Daisy                               Kendra
 We weren't expecting anything, so it was a great surprise.

So a HUGE  THANK YOU to Becky--and The Rocky Creek Scotties who helped her send it.
We love surprises!

Friday, March 25, 2011


 It's cooling down now so we can take walks in the middle of the day.  On Thursday, we had FOUR walks:  the early morning SLOW walk with Kendra, then a faster, longer walk with Bella and me.  It was so beautiful we headed down the cycle way towards the zoo in the middle of the day.
 That's where I met the cows last Spring.

Flashback of Daisy and the cows.
 Whenever we walk, Bella is usually out front.  She likes to cover as much territory as possible.
 Kendra brings up the rear.
 And I'm in the middle.
 Sometimes I walk on the left,
 Or to the right.....
 Or back to the left....
 Or the right......again
 She blames me when this happens to the leads!
And calls me 'the weaver.'
I just like to know what's happening all around me.
Here's something you don't see often......
Kendra in the lead.

And our fourth walk? 
When we got home SHE realised that SHE forgot to collect the poo we went back that evening and did the whole walk again!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Very funny.............NOT!


Some stories don't need many words......Today I went swimming in the river when I wasn't supposed to.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bella's Date

 Hello everyone, Bella here.  I've just returned from the most wonderful date with Oskar.
I was sooooooo surprised we went to New York City.  He arranged for Asta to organise the whole event.  She did a marvelous job. (And kudos to Oskar enlisting her help.)
As you can imagine, I'm still on Cloud 9.  Oskar was so gallant, playful and a wonderful host.
He hired a fantastic photographer to record the whole experience.
Please go to Oskar's blog to see what a wonderful time we had!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Whaddya think?

 Here's the problem.  We've been hearing about Cheetos, a great favourite with many dogs.  So we bought some.  Now don't get me wrong, we love them!  BUT, after seeing them on Puddles' blog (we did try to get the picture, but she's too sneaky clever and has blocked the picture); and on Booker Man and Asa's blog.
Asa and Booker Man WILLING that Cheeto to come closer.
Hope you don't mind us using you as Exhibit A.
 We took a good, hard look at OUR Cheetos......
(before we gobbled them up)
 So whaddya think?


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another visitor

Look who followed us home from our walk last night.

She was very timid and matted and covered in fleas.

We gave her some food; but she wasn't  interested.  She WAS very thirsty though, and drank 2 bowls of water.
She was too timid to be brushed; but did get some Frontline on her neck.
Then WE had to have a Comfortis tablet each so we don't get her fleas.

After she had some food, Bella and I raced out to make sure our bones were safe. 
This morning when we went for our walk, she jumped over our two fences and met us in the street.
She was very happy to see us returning.

SHE had her coffee outside this morning to keep the pup company, so we had to make sure the visitor couldn't get too close to HER.  Bella especially, and rather rudely told her to keep her distance.
We rang the Animal Shelter and hopefully she'll find a new family soon.  One that will keep the fleas off her and comb out her mats.

She is a cute puppy, isn't she?
(We think she looks like Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Daisy, here.  We've had three days of off and on rain.  It rains, stops and then starts when it's walk time--naturally. 
So until it stops........
this is where you'll find me.
Hope you're having a good weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Explained.

(WARNING:  This is a long post.  BUT as SHE took 68 photos, it is relatively short!)
The other morning when we got to OUR  beach, someone was there.  So we went to the other side.  Actually it is the same side, but the other side of the bridge.

It's not as much fun as OUR beach--no sand; but still there is water to paddle in, room to run AND great smells.

SHE included this picture because SHE liked it.
There were lots of feathers--looks like someone plucked something.

We chased grasshoppers.

Got in some chasies--that's me chasing Bella.

Bella (left) and Kendra sniffed around a campfire to see if there was anything to eat.
When it was time to leave, Bella and I raced over to OUR beach to see what that stranger was doing.

We were very interested. (Luckily he didn't mind.)
He was just pulling this thing out of the water.  We'd never seen one before, so we were VERY interested.

We had a closer look. It was flopping around.

It was a European Carp--a feral fish here.  No one eats them. but they take them out of the river because they ruin it for the native fish.  Bella followed to see where the fish was going.

Bella nosed around them for awhile until SHE thought Bella would try some sushi.
  Then we did have to leave. 
 We didn't know those things were in the river!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi Everyone!  It's me, Daisy, and today the 8th of March is/was my  Eighth birthday!
(I say was because we have to publish a post after 7 pm, which is after midnight wherever Blogger is, to get the post on the right day.)
So I've already had my Birthday. 
 We got up early and went for the VERY long walk. (I'll tell you about our long walk another day.)
We thought this rock would make a great backdrop for my official birthday photo.

Of course, Bella wanted to be in the picture, too.

I don't know why Bella looks so small.
Kendra didn't come on the long walk; but she got to enjoy a Pig's Ear with us later in the morning and then, a walk to the Duck Pond--where Bella fell in--so the walk was a bit longer in hopes she would dry out some before getting back into the car!
This afternoon we had a snooze before a dinner of
We went out about 6 pm for our evening walk......all the kids in the street said Happy Birthday to me and gave me a pat.

I like birthdays!
(and I'm going to upstage Bella on her birthday next month!)