Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday Mischief Mystery

Mischief #1 the Mystery.
Bella is a slow eater.
It was chicken leg night.
The kibble had been eaten and everyone ran off to
devour the raw chicken legs.
SHE walked into the study and found Bella staring at
Dui, who was just tucking into a chicken leg.
Did he steal hers?   Did she lose hers? He usually eats his quickly.
A mystery.

Mischief #2...who is to blame?
This afternoon SHE had to make a quick trip to the 
Post Office.
She just shut the back door to keep the dogs inside.
Returning about 10 minutes later, SHE found two
scotties across the road looking for the 
Front Yard cats!
They must have been out back when SHE left!
(Roxy missed out on the adventure because she was locked inside.)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tails from the River

We're back to our routine of only visiting the river 
on the weekends.
It has been cooler lately, so we can get in 
a RUN mid-mornings, near the river,
but cannot get IN the river.
That means we don't play with other dogs during the week,
so we LOVE the weekends.
This past week, there has been a mob of 'roos
that stare at us...from the OTHER side of the river.
'Roos don't play fairly.  We ignore them.
The big News is Kelly is healing well, and jumped on
the ute by herself one day. 
Her leg is still being re-bandaged every other day, is
healing, but she can't go near the water.  

Also, there is a new girl.  Flash and Buddy have a new sister--
their other sister, Ebony, went to the Bridge a few months ago, cancer.
Flash no longer comes to the river, he works from home now.

This is Demi.
She is nine years old and her peeps are moving to Thailand 
for work.  She was an only dog and is just learning how
to play. 

  But she's really getting into our wild games.
So that sums up our week.  Hope you had a great week, too.
Oh, and Dui's happy Kelly's ute is back, too.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Up in the mornin'.........

Out on the job......
Barkin' like the devil at our prey......
But that lucky ol' sun....
Ain't even getting up until after 6:30 a.m.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Scottie skirt--0

After a summer of river, sand, clay and burrs, Bella's dreadlocks
became too much!  She is the first of 10 scotties that had to have 
a crewcut.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

LOOK!  My Ernie didn't forget me!

He sent me a fabulous Valentine card.

And.......a LOTTA love--
not just a little love.
Thank you, Ernie.  I love you! 
Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Mischief.--even though...

it's Tuesday here.
And yes, there is a reason Dui is featured.
Dui has had a VERY disturbed morning.
Firstly, a huge truck arrived to put 8-tonnes of 
gravel base on the section of the yard we're having
crushed granite put down.
The driver had to wait to find out what was happening.
Dui was frantic, barking and screaming his disapproval.
Then the porcine Jack Russell from next door who
belongs to the Mysterious Ray, went walkabout. (more like waddleabout)
She walked from garden to garden, inciting him
to further screaming.
Finally, the man with the 8-tonne load left
mumbling something about having his tyres detailed.
SHE took us for a run--not to be confused with
the early morning walk--to tire Dui out.
On returning, there was a huge pile of (SHE hopes)
crushed granite blocking the driveway, making it 
necessary to park on the street.
Dui was beside himself.  He tried to launch himself
out of the car, but was caught by his ear.
Finally, all leads on, dogs could be brought inside the gate.
Then the postman came...another bout of wild barking.
At the moment there is calm, the porky JR is next door
barking non-stop, and Dui is resting.
There may be a return of the digger this afternoon to spread the granite.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Move along, Folks...keep moving

There's nothing to see here.

Roxy demonstrating her ball skills.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

HER Story....The Passport

The time had come to update the passports.
(SHE is a dual citizen so needs two.)

Both expire about the same time.
Photos were taken last July and one renewed.
As there was no rush to get them, the other put off.

SHE arrived at the Post Office, with old passport, photos, application and of course, money.
Not having read the small print, missed the
'photos older than 6 months cannot be used as ID.'
The cut off date was two weeks ago.
As the photos were not much different from the 10-year-old
expired passport photo,  SHE wasn't worried.
SHE had to have new photos taken because they were 2 weeks over the 6 month limit, to be put on the  new 10-year passport!
Does anyone else see the craziness?
The new photos look just like the 6-month-two-week old photos
except for winter vs summer clothing and the amused look.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


And we weren't even allowed to BARK!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl

If you're watching the Super Bowl commercials, our cousin Nick developed the one for KIA.  He's a Senior Copywriter for David & Goliath.