Monday, November 27, 2017

Tasty Tuesday


Do you see chicken, duck and garden vegetables?
Lost in Transformation.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Shopping Around the World...

We're crashing the shopping around the world segment.

But it's a potato.  Who doesn't have a favourite potato recipe?

Ours is a knock-off of a knock-off of Zuppe Toscana.
Now, the REAL recipe calls for bacon, cream and kale.
Having grown up in Virginia, the word kale
brings  back images of a black-green glob of sludge--ugh--
on the school lunch plate.  So kale is definitely OUT,
and so are bacon and cream.

Basically, it has Italian sausages....which flavours the highly spiced are recommended.
celery stick
olive oil
chicken stock...or vegetable if that's what SHE grabs
Bok choi, or chinese cabbage, or regular cabbage
in place of the K ingredient.
 Chop the onion, celery and stems of bok choi. 
Saute in olive oil until sausage browned.
 Chop potatoes into bite-size pieces, add, and cover with stock
or water (in our case) with the right amount of stock powder.
You can add some pepper at this point, but be careful of salt if using stock powder or cubes.
Simmer until potatoes are cooked.

Chop up the K substitute, place in bowl. 
The hot soup will wilt it.
Add some milk (or cream), salt and pepper to taste
and enjoy.
Now, the cost is difficult as most of the ingredients we
have in the cupboard and use very minute amounts.
Sausages  $1 each (used three)
Potatoes $1 for two
Onion $.75
Celery $.10
Bok choi $1.25
Stock powder $.10
Makes about 3 bowls AUD$6.20
Canadian $6.01
As the saying goes 'You are what you eat.'
so that makes HER, fast, easy and cheap!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Our door doggy.

The narrower the doorway, the more Dui plugs it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Guess Who

made sure she was ready to get in the car today?

Yep, Bella.
She was somewhere inside yesterday, probably sleeping, and just missed everyone getting in the car.
Could have been that the car was in a different place and we went out another door.
Today, she was ready.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Left behind...

We had a wet weekend.  Though we did go to the river.
Today, for our second walk, we went to the sportsgrounds.
But, do you notice anything?

No Bella!
She didn't come to get in the car.
We don't know where she was.
So she got left behind.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Still here Saturday

STILL doin' the same ole, same ole.

 STILL unkempt.
 STILL dirty.

STILL enjoying life.

So far, we've had cool mornings and mild days.

We've had a bit of rain and a windy thunderstorm.
Roxy and Bella protected HER by staying very close
and following HER everywhere until the storm abated.
Dui didn't help at all.  He ignored the storm.

There was an altercation with the magpies one day.
Dui was seen chasing them around the driveway.
We now have one 'hoppy' magpie.  He has a useless leg
which could be just a coincidence.

All three magpies arrive several times a day for food.
They treat us like a fast-food window,  just calling in their order.

One day we had to close the shades and close the front door
and pretend we weren't home.  They were there every hour.
Have a good weekend.