Friday, May 31, 2019


Today, we're joining Kismet for:

 We live in a land of parrots.
We thought we'd share the ones most common around us.
First is the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo.
We see about a hundred of them a day.
 Next, are Galahs.

 Then the little Red-Rumped Parrot
 The Eastern Rosella is a bit rarer; but seen occasionally.
 Sometimes the Corella visits the river.
 And VERY rarely but still around, the Rainbow Lorikeet.

These are members of the parrot family that live in our area.
We wish Kismet and all the parrots of the world, a Very Happy World Parrot Day.  May there be an abundance of seeds!
We had to use Internet photos, because our camera is cheap and we never seem to have it 
when we spot parrots.
Also, we are incarcerated in camp at the moment.  SHE had a CATaract Operation yesterday.

Friday, May 24, 2019


Early morning Race and Ram video.
Roxy's favourite game--Dui just avoids her.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Solo Drive....

And it wasn't to the dreaded V-E-T!
 I, myself, got to go for a walk IN town.
It was a beautiful morning.
 Not sure about this CafĂ© 

 But you can see some of our Autumn leaves.
 I'm sitting in the Rotunda
 I wasn't even timid around this big dog.

AND why was I chosen, you ask?

Because it's my birthday!

I'm EIGHT now!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


We're on Sniffari
(we stole appropriated that term from Abby)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Weekly wrap up

We had a good week.  Hope you did, too.
SHE said Monday was miraculous.
SHE was gone for about two hours on Monday morning
doing lots of small errands.
When SHE arrived home, first thing SHE noticed was 
the carport door open.....
Then the back door was also open.
WE WERE INSIDE (even though there were cats outside)!!
We were good dogs and didn't rampage through the 'hood in HER absence. (and Next door Jenny said she hadn't seen us out at all.)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was the usual routine:
Early Morning Walk and another longer one in the afternoon.
It has turned cold--peep cold--so we had lots of games of dog in/dog out during the day.
Thursday we went to the Police Paddock, where we haven't been for ages, so there was loads of scents to investigate.

Friday, we had a rainy day.
Not lots of rain....but all rain is welcome.
It meant that we had a spectacular sunset.

Yesterday was a River Morning.
We were there first, and got to chase a large kangaroo!!!
We were all surprised (and stunned for a moment) before the chase was on--along the river until the 'roo went across the river.

Our friends arrived and we played chasie ,bitey face, hole-digging and dirt eating--until we were yelled at.
Roxy rolled in something; but got a dry bath with Powder Puff Shampoo instead of a hosing.  
Again, we hope you had a great week and will enjoy a treat-filled Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Weekend Warrior

First of all--LOOK--we have PUDDLES!
Dui and I, Roxy ARE in this photo.
 Friday was a RAINY day.

All the peeps were happy about the rain, but we weren't impressed.
*   *    *   *   *
This morning, at the river, Coco found a fish--a nice, smelly one.
She didn't even eat it, or roll on it or anything.
Just buried it!

I, Roxy, went over to  just have a look; after  she'd finished and walked away.

I may have started digging a bit.
When all of a sudden Coco was all over me and the fight was on!
I was on my back and she was snarling and snapping, on top of me.
I was snarling and snapping, too.
I think I would have had her, but her dad pulled her off.

I got a slash on my head--see

 And a cut ear--you can see some blood on the edge.
 I'm sure I could have won, though....

Don't worry, after we calmed down and Coco got in trouble, 
we made up.
(I didn't get much sympathy from the peeps either.)

Thursday, May 2, 2019

More Street Theatre

Yesterday, we were watching......

T'Abby Kitty and we saw that he has a Sibling!

 T'Abby must have told Sibling about the FOOD available at the Cat house.  This is first time we've ever seen Sibling.
They were watching the Cat house closely.
Probably to avoid Ghost Kitty.
Just look who showed up yesterday for lunch!

That's not a cat!
Bill is phoning the number on Sibe's collar.
(We could hear him)
And the person said it wasn't their dog and they didn't know who owned it!  (The number was on the tag....duh)
So we don't know where Sibe is now.
and T'Abby and Sibling descended into the drain once again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Street Theatre

We live in a cul-de-sac.  That might sound boring.  But there is always  something happening in the street.

There is a narrow lane way at the end, that leads to 4 schools, and  some walking paths. 
We get students, walkers, cyclists and other dogs.
There are also delivery men and workmen--lots to keep us busy.

HOWEVER, the greatest theatre comes from the CATS.

The Cat People (Jenny and Bill) live across the street.
They feed homeless cats around town every day and  have an arrangement with a local Vet for medical care.
They have 'backyard' cats and 'indoor' cats
 (and 2 abandoned Jack Russells)

A few years ago, a mother and three kittens were dumped at their house--word gets around.
Their home was full, and the local shelter was overfilled, so they deemed the little family front-yard cats.
One of the kittens was killed by a car early on, but Roy and Marvin ruled supreme on our street, usually lounging in OUR front yard.
They even came into our back yard at night and stole our toys.
Jenny was always returning them.
They haven't been around much, we think they have been promoted to either back-yard or indoor cats now.
BUT, last November there was a new cat on the scene.  He (we think it's a he) was usually at the end of the street, so we thought he lived down there.  As he was white and we could see him in various front yards on our early morning walks--a white patch in the blackness--we named him Ghost Kitty.

Recently, he  moved to our end of the street, having discovered food and water always on tap at the Cat house.
He has taken over, keeping other kitties away.
He lounges in our front yard, staking out the Cat house so he can chase away other cats.

Drives us NUTS, and we're NOT allowed to yell at him early in the morning.  He just ignores us anyway.  We call him 'homeless' because he doesn't seem to mind people.  Probably a cat left behind when his family moved on, and he wasn't a cute kitten anymore.

Roxy loves telling him off.

He doesn't care.

That green thingy is our letter box.
Enter T'Abby Kitten.
You have to look closely.
Poor little T'Abby is beginning to move away from the storm drains--where he was probably born.
He is a feral kitty.  One that is wild, and won't come near anyone.  He has learnt that food is available across the street.  But he's been chased away by Ghost Kitty, so he sits in our front garden, to make sure the coast is clear.  He's about 1/3 the size of Ghost Kitty.
We feel sorry for him.  Though young, he'll probably never be socialised, or caught so he can be desexed and immunised.
Ferals learn early about survival.

But in the meantime, we have lots of street theatre.