Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First of September...

First day of SPRING!
(We don't pay attention to the scientific date--we go by month.)

After a rainy, NO-WALK day yesterday,  we were ready for FREEDOM!

I will run by myself--I'm not playing with those two nuts.

Cricket Pitch looks ready for the season.
 AND when we got home there was a SPECIAL letter for US!
From Easy...

Awards for participating in the Pawlympics....Tuneful Farting!
THANKS!  It was a huge surprise.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday Selfie

More like a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Not the kennel--a re-enactment at home this morning.
 While SHE went to the south coast to enjoy stuff like this...

With HER restaurant group....SLUGGs
(Society liking unusual gourmet grub)
celebrated their 30th anniversary with a beach weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

After the duckling incident...

(See last post)

I, Dui, went to a Pet Event in the park--
just me!
SHE says I need to learn some manners.
I met this poodle

 and Wonder Woman...
 And Lachlan...he owns the treat stall at the Farmers' Market.  He had a stall here, too, so we bought some Roo chews and
Billy's Willies.
 After we said hello, Lachie and I started a 'who's the toughest terrier' growling contest.
 Look a whole crate of Princessess.

Everyone said how cute I am, and what a good boy.
We got a big showbag of treats to take home.
And I was even good when a tiny human
toddled over---twice--to kiss my nose!

But, after an hour, I'd had enough and was trying to take on all the dogs (with one paw tied behind my back), so we came home.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday Morning.....

Sorry, there are no ACTION shots.

Saturday morning was gorgeous....
We arrived at the river at the same time
as Flash, Buddy and Ebony.
So we walked around the track together.
Roxy took off through the tall grasses
with Dui in hot pursuit!

They were chasing a couple of low-flying ducks.
When the peeps got close to Bella's favourite puddle,
this is what they found...

 Tiny ducklings.....
The parents were obviously trying to lead the dogs away.
Then all hell broke loose....hence the lack of photos.

Five dogs trying to get to the ducklings,
Flash, Buddy and Roxy were just interested.
Ebony much have thought they were a new kind of ball.
and the scotties.....went into hunting mode.

Peeps running everywhere to chase off dogs.
SHE managed to get Dui and Roxy on leads.
The ducklings decided Roxy was their mother
and were chasing her, trying to get under her for protection.
Ducklings carried back to the water....
Dui dragged off by J,
a hawk appeared.....
and a crow.....
Peeps were waving them off, trying not to step on
ducklings who were after Roxy again!
Finally, after several frenetic minutes:
Ducklings back in the puddle and
parents returned.
However, there was one fatality.
One baby deaded by a quick bite.

That was me, the Dui-man!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hi Everyone!

We're still here!

Cool nights-- Gorgeous, warm days!
Yesterday, we were hooked up to the
National Broadband Network.
(A government initiative to get almost all of the
country on high speed internet.)
So nice this morning to have blogs come up QUICKLY,
and pictures to download in seconds!
We've been to the river most mornings.
Dui in his someone-approaches-I'll-get-low-for-an-ambush position.
 Look what is happening in our garden.
 Little mandarin tree.
We think they're clementines in the US.

And one of those forgot-what-it-is plants.

Can you see me?  Roxy....

Hopefully, we'll be around to visit everyone soon.