Sunday, October 27, 2013

900th Post..

Yes, our 900th post.  It should be a time of celebration.  But, I Daisy, am here to expose a hoax that is to be perpetrated by HER on Blogville.

I am disgusted.
 This week Blogville will be celebrating Halloween.  There are loads of wonderful events.  We will appear at a few of them....
BUT, it is all a sham.  Those pictures of us enjoying tube steak bobbing, Halloween Ball, pumpkin patch......etc.  ARE NOT REAL.  They were taken early and will be posted as if we are having a fantastic time!

In reality, we have been taken to a secret location in central
 New South Wales where we have been abandoned for
We will be 'camping', roughing it......
While Blogville plays.

 Look, our bag was secretly  packed.  Okay, our envelope..

Is this anyway to celebrate 900 posts?  I ask you.
(Don't think we're snubbing you when we don't leave comments for the 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Whenever we went walking, SHE tried to get us to sit when people were approaching, or when we came to a road crossing.
As we are already so close to the ground, we just didn't see the point of lowering our back ends a couple of centimetres.

After us ignoring HER and refusing to sit......embarrassing HER in front of strangers, we came to a compromise.  SHE says 'Stand', and we freeze until SHE says 'okay'--even when we are off lead.
I, Daisy, am so good that I don't move when cyclists go around me.
Now people say how well behaved we are and we are all happy.
Of course, if SHE has a treat, we sit beautifully and quickly.
*    *    *    *
Here's a Saturday Snicker.
Look at the this........

87 lowload!!
Sorry, Frankie and Ernie, we thought of you immediately.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Flashback Friday

Two years ago.
Bella, Daisy, Kendra and little Roxy
 (♪ ♫ One of these things is not like the other........♪♪♫)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Garden Supervision

This was our vegie garden for the last two years....
Actually, it successfully grew cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and zucchinis.
 This year we got a galvanized iron garden.
The bits are all here
 We helped put it together.
 Bella made sure the first bit was in position...
 Nearly there.  Surprisingly, because we don't have thumbs and SHE's all thumbs.

There, it's all ready to start planting....

Uh oh, some spotty doggy has been digging in it.  
The tomato plant in the centre had to be replanted twice!
But everything is growing well now.
We just didn't take a picture lately.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inappropriate behaviour

NO, Bella!

 Frogs stay outside!  You do not bring them inside!
Please ignore all the hair and dust in the corner--it has been cleaned up now.
 Especially at 5:45 A.M!
Good-bye, Froggie!  It was fun while it lasted.
PeeS:  Thanks for sending us some rain.  We got some last night.  The vegie patch is happy, the grass and weeds are happy.  SHE's happy and the birds are happy because our Water tank filled and they can use it as a bird bath.....BOL!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Mischief

You know how we have the sign to let people know what fierce, vicious dogs we are?

 Well, maybe not that we're really vicious.....but we have the potential!

Well, we ARE pretty vicious and fierce when it comes to birds.
We always chase them away when they come in our garden, or land on our street, or want to drink on our side of the river....
we just like to chase birds.

Anyway, look what some mischievous bird did to our sign!!

Now that's what we call Mischief!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


See how foggy it looks?

 It's smoke from the bushfires burning about and hour and a half to the east of us. (Between us and Sydney)  
Bushfire season has come early this year.
Most of the 90 fires have been contained, but not before burning out about 200 properties just in the one bushfire closest to us.
 Unfortunately the weather is supposed to get hot and windy again in the next few days.  The fire fighters are expecting more fires.
We feel so sorry to all those peeps and animals who have lost their homes, and worse, lives.
We're just glad we only have to put up with smoke.
 It didn't keep us from exploring.....
or rolling..
 And wrestling...
 And telling off peep who dare use OUR river!
 Or snack time....
We hope the weather peeps are wrong and maybe we'll have some rain.
Later:  Doesn't look like it.  The tv is sending messages to people in certain areas telling them to leave, and where the refuges are.
Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flashback Friday

Bella     Kendra      Daisy
Three years ago today.......

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Do any of your peeps identify with this?

Monday, October 14, 2013

What the...??!!!


 Can't believe SHE told us to shut up be quiet.
They're in the laundry room.
Everyone can see our cheapo ice cream container water dish.
 What's that guy doing?

Can't believe we can't bark!
 One guy out front and one in the laundry room..
Can't believe we're not allowed to bark!

 Look what they're draggin' in..
 And they've stolen HER hot water thingy.
 Look, they're leaving...


Friday, October 11, 2013

It's that time again....
Someone gave HER some yoghurt and it happened to be on our warmest spring day yet.

 So we got out the bone trays.
And snoopervised carefully as SHE put it in the blender
with some Lamb & Vegetable Casserole (Baby food) plus a
touch of milk to make it easier to pour.
 Then into the trays, ready for freezing.
 We know they're going to be good because there was a bit of overage.....
And we licked our bowls clean.

Friday, October 4, 2013


It's Jazzi's National Taco Day!
We've waited a whole year for it,
 and the last 5 minutes seem to be the longest wait.
In fact,
 Bella wasn't going to wait any longer.
 I grabbed mine and headed to a more private place.
 No way was any other dog getting mine!

We all made sure we got EVERY SINGLE BIT!
Now we have to wait another whole year!
Thank you Jazzi!
Note: Somebody forgot to check the battery, so we got two tacos.  These photos are a combination.  The first tacos were beef and cheese, and the second, beef, kibble, carrot and cheese.
We loved them both.