Sunday, March 31, 2013


Daisy and Bella with our Easter Bilbies (Roxy was totally uncooperative.)
 Happy Easter everyone. As usual SHE bought some Easter Bilbies.
Some of our newer followers might not know that the little Bilby is
under threat in Australia from rabbits, foxes and feral cats.

He's a cute little fellow, isn't he?  He lives way out west.
 Bilbies were almost extinct, but a concerted effort was made to save him.  One of the ways
of raising money, is the annual Easter Bilby campaign.  By buying Easter Bilbies and not bunnies, money goes to the conservation foundation to save these little fellows.
So we always buy a few...even though no one in our house eats chocolate!
 For Easter we got dyed hard boiled eggs and share of a hot cross bun for breakfast.
And have to take the obligatory photo before we can eat!
This year SHE brought us a Showbag from the Easter Show--(see  yesterday's post.
Hurry up with the picture!!!
It's a special one for dogs.  It has a tin of food, packet of kibble, kangaroo jerky bites, a ball, measuring cup, bag clamp, poo bag carrier and a fur shedding tool.

After this photo we went to the river even though it was RAINING!! (just a bit)

We had the tinned food and kibble in our kongs  this afternoon.
Hope you have a Happy Day!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Secret Mission

We sent HER to the....

 Because ...

 SHE had to get up VERY early for the 6:30 am flight to Sydney, then take the train to Olympic Park (where the 2000 Olympics were held.)
The Easter Show is only called that because it occurs in Sydney at Easter time.  It's like a state Fair.

That high wooden box is where the exhibitors camp out with their animals.

Alpacas wondering what's going on.

Riders warming up for their events

A cow that didn't want a BATH!

Demonstration of training a young dog to work sheep!

Snoozing  with a ball before his event.

Keeping clean and tidy

The brush out

Wired Fox Terrier with most of his wires gone

SHE saw loads of interesting cakes.

 But we sent HER to see the scotties judged!
A win at the Easter Show is much sought after.
 When this lady noticed HER taking a photo, she brought this wheaten pup over so SHE could meet her properly. 
Her name's Destiny and she was very friendly and won second place in her event.
 Here are some others.

Struttin' their stuff.

Lookin' good

Handsome fellow


These scotties are all was a Breeder event.
 The lady above in green is Bella's breeder.  
SHE got to talk to her about Bella!
After the scotties, SHE went to the Wood Chopping.
 Very exciting.  It started in Australia in 1870 when two timber cutters made a bet in a pub one night.
It always draws a huge crowd.\
Most of the competitors have other jobs now and this is just a sport.
In this event the competitors chop through their block of
 Australian hardwood.
The men closest are on handicap and have to start later. 
 The man on the left who started last won....cutting in 23 seconds.
The next event was the Final in the tree felling.
The competitors must chop the 'tree' place in a plank to hold them while they 
continue to place planks to the top, where they chop half way through the log.
Then they climb down and start again, making cuts for the planks and getting to the top to cut through the other half.
A young New Zealander, tries his luck.  He was last but was cheered through by the huge crowd.
 As the winner is crowned World Champion, there were competitors from all over Oz, NZ and Canada.  There are events for children, women and men.
After that SHE left--SHE doesn't do crowds well.
Kids enjoying a camel ride.
 Australia has a HUGE feral camel population.

SHE decided to go to Circular Quay for dinner before heading to the Airport for the 7 pm. flight.
Sorry there were no cats, but when SHE got to the pavillion there was a line of about 87 million people.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hi Everyone...

Easter's coming........

 Can you see us in these pictures?

 Of course not!  We're not allowed in.  We had to stay in the car.

 While SHE went in to get a plain old croissant.

We're sending HER on a mission tomorrow, so we'll be abandoned ALL DAY!

So SHE took us to Sandy Beach for a swim.
 Ooooooo, Roxy sees something.
 A little Jack Russell named Maude.  She came swimming, too.  Roxy got too excited and had to stay on the lead. 
 After Maude left, we had the beach all to ourselves again.
We'll tell you about HER secret mission next week.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Morning Patrol

This is why we NEED to bark loudly on early morning walks!

Picture taken  later --something about not being able to take a picture while hanging onto 3 dogs going crazy about a cat.

'nuff said.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

We think Blogger has gone  crazy!!!

 Look at these pageviews....
What do you think?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Friday, March 22, 2013

A parcel for us

We don't get BarkBoxes, PoochPacks or anything like that. 
 But sometimes SHE orders stuff for us.
This parcel came for us the other day.

 We needed help to open thumbs or scissors.
 Look, a new supply of our favourite Fish Jerky.  It comes in different shapes, but SHE orders the squares.  It's dried fish skin and it is DELICIOUS.

We got hooked on it (pun) about a year ago,
 Then the local shop STOPPED stocking it! 
 Would you believe it??!!!
We each get one....only bedtime.
 A sample packet of Salmon and Tuna kibble came with the order.
So we had a kibble scramble.

Hope you have a great weekend and Spring finds the northern hemisphere.

We're expecting rain and storms.