Monday, April 11, 2016

A Sad Story......

SHE's off travelling again, after finding a cheap(ish) flight.  
SHE just chose a random date out of the air
and made plans.
(A niggling in the back of her brain recognised the date.)


The date was familiar.  It was important.
It is my (Bella's) birthday.
I'm going to be seven years old. 
No cake,
No presents,
No special outing....
Locked away at the kennels......
with Roxy and Dui.
By the time you read this,
SHE'll be halfway to the U.S.
(We'll celebrate in May.)


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ya know those days....

those days that start out WRONG.

The days when you're given a big breakfast, treats,
NO walk and a couple of extra water bowls. 
Well......we had one on Sunday.
SHE left very early was away 12 hours, and didn't get home until
5 HOURS  after our dinner time.
We were not happy, but all was forgiven when 
SHE finally returned. 
SHE went to Sydney for lunch with friends.
(drove 10 hours for a 3.5 hour lunch.)
And we got NO doggy bag. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Meeting Mary...

We met Mary the other day....

Dui barked at Mary, so Mary barked at Dui.  They played that game for awhile, until Mary got closer to the screen door.

 Then Mary kissed Roxy through the screen.

We got to sniff her properly when she came outside.
Mary is the first little biped we've ever seen close up.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

First Saturday of April.....

means the Farmers' Market.

We always stop off at our favourite stall on the way to the river....well, SHE does, we have to stay in the car.

 Today we got some beef tendons, kangaroo tail, and billy's willies.

You've heard of Bully Sticks, well these come from goats.

 SHE says not as many calories in them.

 These pups' peeps own the stall.
How lucky are they.......

We had the roo tails when we got home.....yum!