Sunday, November 11, 2018

Friday Nature/Monday Mischief?

The time of new life, flowers, blooming trees...…...and grass seeds.

Dui, Roxy and Bella in front

A week ago, Dui started the ear scratching and head tilt.  So off we went to the Vet.  Even with two of us holding him down, he wouldn't let Dr Mervyn look in his ears.  Next day, Friday, he had to go in to be sedated for an examination.

Whatever, had been in his ears was gone, but left him with both eardrums perforated!  We suspect a grass seed as that is the usual cause at this time of year.  We left with three kinds of medication and a bill of $554.

All week SHE has been sneaking up on Dui to put in the ear drops.  He was good about the tablets, though.  Poor Dui has spent the week hiding from HER.

Then last Friday, during a treat to the river, Roxy spotted a duck that had-to-be-chased.  Off she raced, disappearing into the high grass.  The duck went over the fence, and Roxy came back, shaking her head violently.

Off to see Dr Mervyn again.  He could see the grass seed in her ear. He suggested sedation again, and then we decided he might try removing it on the spot.  Roxy was so good, laying still as he pushed the light and alligator clips into her ear as he removed a long, wicked-looking thing.  Dr Mervyn look amazed and said, 'she's the first dog that has ever allowed me to do that!'

No more running free.  We'll be doing lead walks until seed season is finished or the grass is mowed.  Bella is allowed to run free, but she doesn't go into the grass.....we hope...not going for a Trifecta this Friday.