Thursday, June 30, 2016

Morning Walk Excitement!

It was another frosty morning:  -2°C/28.4°F.  We had ice on our rubbish bin, frost

 and the puddles had a thin layer of ice.

We got to the river early and were busy
investigating all the overnight scents
when SHE noticed a stump.....
that turned into a wallaby!
By the time SHE got the camera out,
he was off!

 With us hot on the trail.

But he disappeared quickly and SHE called us back.

We continued our walk and when the rest of polar expedition
arrived, we raced to tell them all about it!

(Yes, we do get cold weather, for us,  20sF to 50sF on winter days.  It is colder south of us, and warmer to the north....just the opposite of the northern hemisphere.  Our winters don't last very long so WE don't have central heating.  Others have gas heaters, or wood fires.  We just have electric, and SHE bundles up.  The dogs love it!.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Poor me....

I was sick!

Poor Dui-man

It started about 2 a.m., I cried to get out.

Then cried to get in,  then out, then in, then out, until SHE
finally got up for the day at about 5 a.m.
That's when SHE noticed that I'd chucked many
times in the office ON THE CARPET!
I begged to come in, and chucked again right in front of
HER to show how sick I was.
Did I get any sympathy?
SHE just mumbled rude words about why I couldn't vomit outside,
 while SHE picked up the grass-filled vomit
and then
steam-cleaned the carpets.
We weren't allowed in the Office or Bedroom all day!
Oh, I was well enough to bark at the school kids and cats, and delivery men, and walkers......
SHE was not happy when putting on HER shoes
to find that the laces had been chewed in two places!

But we all enjoyed the chicken and rice for dinner.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

That Solo Ride....

I, Dui, got to go for a ride all by myself with HER.
Can you tell where I am?

 This high, easy-to-clean table might give you a clue.

Anyway, a nice young lady came in, talked to me, felt me all over, looked in my ears, mouth and unmentionables. 
Listened to my heart. 
Poked me with sharp stuff. 
Gave me liver treats....
And said I'm  a
Fabulously Attractive Terrier
or maybe
Fit  Active Terrier
not sure what the initials stand for
but I'm good to go!
(I think I got less dinner last night.)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Fun!

A break in the weather...
We went to the river.
The gate was closed for cars, so we just walked.
 Look at our river!
That tiny black blob, up and to the right
of Bella's tail is Dui.
 Roxy is down there somewhere, too.
You cannot even see where the cars are usually parked.

Hey, who's that??!!
 Auntie Linda with Buddy and 'New Girl' who still hasn't got a name.
 Come on!  Catch me if you can!

We got home before the rain started again.

(It's snowing to the east of us.  We're just getting
the cold wind....and rain!)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Roadkill Meatballs....

You read that correctly.

SHE made:

Of course, the chicken wasn't really roadkill, but SHE did use
the Roadkill seasoning that Frankie and Ernie sent US
THREE years ago when SHE visited them!
(Three years old isn't much in this house.  SHE once had 23-year old peppercorns.)

No points for guessing  THREE dogs who
didn't even get a taste.

Something about onions, garlic, salt......sheesh!

Monday, June 20, 2016


First day in AGES that we've been able to get out and BARK
at the kids going to school!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Close Encounters of the Roxy Kind.

Another rainy weekend,
end of the week, and beginning of next week
(and probably throughout the week.)
(It's raining on all sides of our house--we always check.)

early last week, we went for a CLEAN walk run
at the Sports Grounds......


 I love doin' that!
Bella was nosing around somewhere, and Dui,
who loves a good chase was on the lead.  We were
near the access road, and he loves to race trucks.

Hope you have a dry weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Girl....

We were a bit late this morning. 
The weekday bunch were already halfway around
the loop.

 There was a new girl!

Dui looking a bit crazed.
 Her name is Daisy, though it may be changed to Ebony.
She's Flash and Buddy's new sister.

Flash, Buddy, New girl, Dui and Roxy
They were looking for a Lab puppy, and
called one of the Vets.
The Technician had a friend who was moving and
was looking for a home for her pup.
So the techie brought the pup to work.
(We find it strange that the owner didn't bring her, to find out what the new family was like, and there's no information about the pup)
BUT, anyway,
she's a lovely little girl, settled in, and joined our river pack

 She LOVES the river and retrieving things....especially sticks.
 We were FLAT out keeping up with her.
Dui got the dreaded 'raking' and grooming after this picture.
 Even Bella joined in our racing games.
 Dui did his usual 'I'll-bite-your-face-off' move.
He has no class, that boy.
We hope to see her again tomorrow and on the weekend, but the rain is supposed to return.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Another STUCK story!

Bell-y got STUCK between the front seats.....BOL!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

On Saturday morning....

Just look what SHE did to our car!

Got it completely STUCK!
(a U-turn fail)

Luckily, Kelly's dad has a ute.

And a good, strong rope.

He pulled our car out quickly!
The front crumpled bit, went right back into place.
Sometimes having a cheap, plastic car is good.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Well, the 'touch of rain' happened this morning as we were heading towards the river.
After three days INSIDE with only a short, round the block
walk yesterday, we were ready to RUN!
At the last moment, SHE turned off for the sporting grounds.
A good move.
We met (no photos) a kelpie/lab X named Molly
who was up for a game of chasie all over the fields!

A half hour of flat out racing.  (Even Bella joined in a bit.)

Then afterwards.....

 We got to enjoy freedom to explore!

The best bit....
We only got WET!  Just a towel rub down when we got home!

Update on the update:
We think Dui lunged at the strange man because he
SUDDENLY appeared out of a walkway we were
about to enter. He made a hole in the guy's trousers.
Luckily we live where people expect dogs to be pains.
(Not an excuse, but a reason.)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Wednesday, mid-day walk: 
Dui lunged at a man and ripped his trousers.
Chased away a salesman.


Barked at cats.....
 Barked at cats and kids.

SHE made chicken stock and strained it DOWN THE SINK!
Swear words!
Barked at cats.

Day 3
And STILL raining.....