Friday, June 17, 2016

Close Encounters of the Roxy Kind.

Another rainy weekend,
end of the week, and beginning of next week
(and probably throughout the week.)
(It's raining on all sides of our house--we always check.)

early last week, we went for a CLEAN walk run
at the Sports Grounds......


 I love doin' that!
Bella was nosing around somewhere, and Dui,
who loves a good chase was on the lead.  We were
near the access road, and he loves to race trucks.

Hope you have a dry weekend.


  1. Bow wow, the thrill of the chase!

    Your pal,

  2. Bummer, you almost got one, Roxy:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Super fun, Roxy! I like to do that to ducks!! Your fall colors are beautiful...


  4. WooooHooooo!!! That is so funs!!! I tried to do that with the geese at my park, butts Ma wouldn't lets go of my string....killjoy.
    Ruby ♥

  5. We'll be 120F 49C with no clouds or rain this weekend.

  6. ROXY.... GO ROXY .... GO ROXY.... Darn Girrrrrl... you NEARLY made it... THAT was really REALLY close... I am very much PROUD of your skill.... I could NEVER get THAT Close.. BRAVO my Lovely ... BRAVO.

    WE are going to have a HOT butt DRY weekend.
    HEY... I always check all four sides of This House too... even do it with SNOW. It has always been the Same... SO FAR. Guess that is the triumph of HOPE over EXPERIENCE.
    LOVE YA,

  7. From Pocket: I used to chase geese when we lived at our other house. There is nothing more fun than geese chasing

  8. I love it too Roxy. I nearly got a cocky once. Well that's not really true but I did ALMOST get one of his tail feathers.

  9. We hope you catch one, one of these days, Roxy, but still - the chase is fun!

  10. Roxy I bet Ernie would lovvvvve to join you in the chase. Mol molmol if "Sir Dui Runs Wild" was off lead he would have chased them to my house!
    Sounds like you all are having the wet weather fall like we had that rain into spring
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  11. If it's raining in our back yard, we always run to the front door to see if it's raining in the front yard. Mom thinks we're silly but you never know...

  12. Wow, you have sun and we have rain and cold. I thought Nature was making summer for us, and winter for you? Nature sure is confusing... (But what a beautiful day to run in the Park! Hurray!!)

  13. we have a lot of rain and a dark sky... we probably are a pawt of your continent now and it will be winter soon :o) It's always a surprise for my momma to see your wildlife and the berds... and I loved your fabulous hunting skills!

  14. We have reached that hot and dry period of the summer where we actually wish for a rainy day so we don't have to water everything.

  15. We love doing that too, especially chasing feral cats:)

  16. That looks like fun. The birds in our yard usually take off before we ever get that close.

  17. That looks great fun. We all chase the pigeons in our back garden but not managed to get one yet! The affens are the best as they stalk the birds very quietly - we schnauzers just run fast and hope to catch them BOL . Woofs and licks from Magic xx