Saturday, June 4, 2016


Well, the 'touch of rain' happened this morning as we were heading towards the river.
After three days INSIDE with only a short, round the block
walk yesterday, we were ready to RUN!
At the last moment, SHE turned off for the sporting grounds.
A good move.
We met (no photos) a kelpie/lab X named Molly
who was up for a game of chasie all over the fields!

A half hour of flat out racing.  (Even Bella joined in a bit.)

Then afterwards.....

 We got to enjoy freedom to explore!

The best bit....
We only got WET!  Just a towel rub down when we got home!

Update on the update:
We think Dui lunged at the strange man because he
SUDDENLY appeared out of a walkway we were
about to enter. He made a hole in the guy's trousers.
Luckily we live where people expect dogs to be pains.
(Not an excuse, but a reason.)


  1. We live in an area where everyone has at least one dog. It's only 45C and sunny here.

  2. Wow wee! Running free! A little rain ☔ doesn't hurt!

  3. Lucky you're little, aye, Dui. If you were a bull arab or something the bloke mighn't have been ok about it. He had no right suddenly appearing like that, aye?? My cousin Murphs is almost deaf and if anyone comes up behind him and scares him he'd do more than rip their trousers and he's the most placid bloke I know. He lets the little girls' baby chickens sit on him.

  4. That sure looks like a fun morning to us!

  5. looks like a great morning - we are in the grip of high summer at the moment - to hot to even go outside

  6. Thank you Dui fur pawtecting MY Beloved Roxy from that stranger. You are a good guy. I would be very much worried about Roxy's Safety if it were not fur YOU. SALUTE to DUI...

    Roxy... you have the Bestest Little Brother EVER... he is on patrol and keeping you safe and THAT makes ME very much happy.

  7. Great fun in the fields!!! We would love to go exploring with you!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Dui - Men who appear suddenly out of walkways should learn their lesson. An alpha males job is a 24/7 one.

  9. Dui if the man appeared from no where, you did your job. We are having about the same weather today, so we are chillin' inside.

  10. Sounds as though you were just doing your best there Dui - great protection skills :-)
    Glad to hear you got the chance of a good run too - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  11. 13 degrees F or C? Either way COLD!
    Dui is your protector for he won't be sneaking up on a Scottie AGAIN w/o announcing himself first
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Can we trade? It is over 30 degrees here today! Wawaay too hot! I will take your rain, please!

  13. Glad you all got to go for fun and adventure and just got the towel rub when you got home -- Saving HER some work!

    Tell Dui that Todd did the same thing at about that age - Must be a boy thing!! :-)

  14. Dui HER called you a pain ~ exactly where is that pain Dui??
    Glad you got some fun in before the next rain.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  15. That looks like a great place to run and play. Dui was just being cautious. ☺

  16. Hey!!! we saw your comment - just send an email to Easy and tell him he can snag a picture from your blog to use
    we surely don't you to miss the pawty
    the Pugs

  17. Dui, for sure that guy needed some extra ventilation in his trousers.
    Toodle pip!