Thursday, June 30, 2016

Morning Walk Excitement!

It was another frosty morning:  -2°C/28.4°F.  We had ice on our rubbish bin, frost

 and the puddles had a thin layer of ice.

We got to the river early and were busy
investigating all the overnight scents
when SHE noticed a stump.....
that turned into a wallaby!
By the time SHE got the camera out,
he was off!

 With us hot on the trail.

But he disappeared quickly and SHE called us back.

We continued our walk and when the rest of polar expedition
arrived, we raced to tell them all about it!

(Yes, we do get cold weather, for us,  20sF to 50sF on winter days.  It is colder south of us, and warmer to the north....just the opposite of the northern hemisphere.  Our winters don't last very long so WE don't have central heating.  Others have gas heaters, or wood fires.  We just have electric, and SHE bundles up.  The dogs love it!.)


  1. BOW WOW, good luck getting me to go out in that sort of weather!

    Your pal,

  2. What a fun find that wallaby was!!! We are going to have lots of iceless puddles here Saturday -predictions for a very BIG rainfall all day long:(

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. You almost caught your own Wallaby. That makes you the greatest dogs ever.

  4. When it's cold it's nice to have a hot-dog BOL :-)

  5. A wallabee!! And you came when SHE called?!? You are better behaved than I... Just sayin'.


  6. OMD OMD R O X Y..... You chased a WALLABY???
    I am sooooooo proud of YOU... WAY TO GO GIRRRRRL.
    Heck sakes.... it gets that chilly HERE in the SUMMER... It was 58° F this morning.
    Wanna CUDDLE???

  7. Not many dogs can say they have actually chased a wallaby - Most just dream about it!

    PS: Read your previous posts, it seems that Dui is feeling better -- was it the trip to the vet?

  8. You got to chase a wallaby and you came back when SHE called???????? Are you mad or are you just trying to make me look BAD!!!!!! You blokes need to get your act together, aye?? We don't have heating either but it's not as cold here and it only lasts a week or two. So far we've only had about 3 cold days. Today's beautiful. About 22C. Beach weather almost.

  9. Frosty winter! Do you guys get cold? I'm really curious. We are 31-34C here, I am melting.


  10. Wow wee! You gots wallabys! That is so cool! Don't freeze your tails off!

  11. You don't need a heater when you have three dogs on the bed.

  12. You mean you actually returned from the chase when called back?
    Gail is impressed!

  13. Bummer you missed the wallaby! You guys sure do have the most beautiful spots for exploring!

  14. it's interesting that the norh is warmer than the south... ist that the same in summer that the northern part is warmer than the southern? the mama said she would love to need no central heating... butt my daddy said actually do we have no central heating, because the chimney from hell is still on strike... sometimes it is easy to please a mom and to make her wishes true LOL

  15. We are into summer here in the UK although hard to believe as it just keeps raining but no frost anyway :-) Wow - seeing a wallaby! No wallabies where we live only rabbits and hares. Have a fun day! woofs and licks from Magic xx

  16. June...we could use some of that here. MOLMOL
    We so enjoy learning all the stuff about your beautiful Oz!!
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom

  17. Its so weird for us to see ice in your pictures when our thermometer says almost 90....have a great weekend..stella rose

  18. Now that was some excitement to see a wallaby! Mom said she is even more impressed with y'all that y'all returned when She called you. Mom said I would have acted like the wind was in my ears and I couldn't hear. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  19. ICE! Wow! We loved hearing about your winter and no central heat. How long will the "cold" last?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. We love ice though Mom doesn't. You guys get to chase the neatest animals. We have roos and wallabys at the zoo just a couple miles from here but we aren't allowed.

  21. Our mom hates to be cold so there would have to be some heat!

  22. I bet a wallaby is tough to catch! But fun to try!

  23. Lady admits she never thinks of Australia as a place that gets so cold. She listens to an Australian podcast and they were talking about it this week. Stay warm! We are having temperatures in the high 20-early 30 C - which we think is too hot!

  24. Dear friends,

    Your puddles are broken! You cannot drink out of them anymore! And also, I have never heard of a wallaby! My person says that I would not like to meet one. We just have many deer. No wallabies. Nature is so different in different places, isn't it?

    Stay warm!