Thursday, September 6, 2018

Just checkin' in

Old photo, but still us.....
Windows 10 (3D Paint specifically) has completely %#@#&* up our picture file.  And it will no longer import pictures from our camera.

We've had lots of comments asking how we are.....and we're well.

Had a cold winter with lots of frosty mornings.

We were incarcerated at the kennels for nearly all of July while SHE went to Virginia.

Are having a drought....which means the 'roos and wallabies have moved to our side of the river.

Roxy and Dui have lost off-lead privileges because they disappeared on a 'roo hunt for half an hour
AND Roxy returned wearing  Essence of Dead Animal.

New feral cats have moved into the 'hood.  They run around in OUR garden at night, and drive us nuts.  We have pawprints on the car.

SHE didn't latch the gate properly and we went cat hunting.  Dui wouldn't relinquish his Freedom no matter how much SHE screamed 'who wants cheese', waved and whistled.  Honestly, SHE was embarrassing, we didn't want to be associated with HER.

Nothing new or earth-shattering happening here.  Spring has arrived with lots of flowering plants and even a little bit of rain.

So that's us.

Have a great weekend and we hope some cooler Autumn temps are heading your way.