Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday--Last Day of Spring

Two hours at the river in the morning.....
 Meeting the new girl....
 Home for bones.....


And of course, naps.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Three weeks away.....

some water.....

 NO diggin' dog...
 makes a healthy, flourishing....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

HER visit Part II

After SHE opened all those presents AND they finished eating, drinking and talking about us ( and Frankie, Ernie and Sarge)....

 Everyone went out to Jennifer Jeep.
 For the best part--in OUR opinion.
Meeting Frankie and Ernie in the furs!
Sarge had to stay home to protect his house.
 SHE said that Frankie and Ernie are A Grade, First String, champion camera avoiders.
SHE managed to get a few pictures.
 of the boys.
 Especially of Ernie, for Roxy.
AND Ernie gave HER about 87 gazillion kisses to pass on to Roxy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

HER visit...

While we were imprisoned camping, SHE went to Virginia.
SHE brought home lots of stuff, and stories.
First of all, when SHE arrived, these were waiting for HER.

 This fantastic number plate from Kyla.  Just like the one Kyla has on her car, with her picture on it!
 this Duck Tape (it is called duck tape) from Jazzi.
We can't wait to use it!
SHE also went to Pittsburgh to see HER cousin and SHE met up with......
(here's a few clues)

 Yes!  Frankie's and Ernie's Mom and Dad!
AND Sarge's Mom and Dad!
They met in a restaurant and had lunch.
Then F & E's Mom brought out that HUGE Santa and
It was FILLED with presents!!!!

The little SNOWMAN bag was FILLED with boxes 
of Cracker Jack and bags of different flavoured Cracker Jack.

This only a fraction of all the Cracker Jack stuff.

 Just because SHE commented once on whether there were STILL Cracker Jacks with prizes.

There was also this gorgeous Roxy mat!

 Which Roxy loves.  New bandannas for all of us.  AND the SPECIAL pumpkin toy that Ernie promised Roxy.
 We EACH got a NEW collar.  Bella is checking hers out.  We got the green/red and Roxy got the red/green/white collar that MATCHES Ernie's!
 Look at this great seasoning they sent us.
  We can't wait to look for some
But that's not all.
There were dachshund and scottie earrings, key chains
AND a doggie Santa pin.
 As well as the Blogville calendar!
 SHE (and we) were truly spoiled!
Thanks Ernie, I love my pumpkin.
THANK YOU So much!

BUT that's NOT ALL there's more to come.....
next post.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We're home!

We got home yesterday (Thursday) afternoon....
just in time for dinner.

 This morning we got HER up at 5 AM for our early morning walk.
Good Morning, Eastern Rosellas
 Good Morning, Cockatoo.
 Good Morning, Sheep.

 We checked out the storm water drains for cats.
 Good Morning, Crow.
 No cats here.
Roxy is afraid of the grill.
 No cats here either.
 No cats anywhere this morning.
Why yes, as a matter of fact, we DO have to look in EVERY drain! 

Everything's secure.

It's great to be home.