Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday....


Frank E. Furter

We hope you have..
Look we're wearing our Special Collars!
a Wonderful Birthday

With a Special Cake!!!!

Sorry it looks more like Ernie.
And presents and treats and anything everything you want!

Happy Birthday, Frankie!
From all of us.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


We  got a complete surprise today when we found a package in our letter box.
We weren't expecting anything.

The dogs next door are distracting us.
Inside were THREE presents!
They were labelled with our names.
There was also a letter!
Look what we found when we opened the presents!
Mini-Mes....or Mini-Us
Bella    Roxy     Daisy
They were from Lynne of Dip Dip and the Bridge!
She crocheted them for us.
Mine (Daisy) was a dark grey because I have grey furs now.
Bella's is black!
Can you see our fuzzy eyebrows and beards?
Roxy's has her eye patch and brown ear!
Lynne made them look just like US!!!
We're sending Lynne a HUGE Thank You!

As Lynne explained in her letter,
The OP Pack and their Mum commissioned her
 to make them for us!
Isn't that a thoughtful surprise??!!

So we want to send another HUGE THANK YOU 

Thunder, Lightning, Ciara and Phantom.

We are thrilled with our special surprise present!

(SHE said to excuse our unkempt fur because we'd just been to the park for a run.
We said you wouldn't care.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We should have explained

yesterday about the Rhino statues being in the middle of 
New South Wales.

Black rhino
We have a zoo about 5 minutes away.  It's the only main tourist attraction in our area.
Some mornings on our walks we can hear the Siamang Apes hooting it's so close.
Indian elephants.  They are ex-circus animals who came here after one accidentally killed her handler.
 It's an open range zoo mainly used for breeding endangered animals--part of the Sydney zoo.
So we don't have all the animals you'd find in a zoo.
The more common wallabies and kangaroos roam around free
 We're not allowed in, of course.  They're afraid we'll take down one of the big cats.  BOL! 
 Actually even Guide Dogs aren't allowed in because of the spread of diseases.
Emus are in enclosures....they became too good at stealing picnic lunches.
There is now a baby Galapagos Tortoise--don't have a picture of him at the moment.

The zoo has had a very productive rhino breeding program.  But last year a mystery illness infected the White Rhino herd and four females died.

Asian One-horned rhino
One of the White Rhinos--a name apparently because of the English mistranslation of the Dutch word 'wijd' meaning 'wide'-- was pregnant at the time she contracted the illness. 

Mopani and her unnamed son--'wide square mouth' rhinos.
Miraculously, she not only survived, but presented the zoo with this little surprise on May 14th!
Rhinos have become a symbol to represent our little city,
 hence the statues.

Monday, May 27, 2013

What could be easier......

SHE said,
 than getting a photo of the girls with a statue for the  Park 2.0 Day.
Sunday morning before 8, just make a quick stop
 on the way to the river.

Firstly, two teenaged boys, mucking around and getting in the way.
We started to leave but they left.
We returned.
Daisy, who had been outside for 2 hours decided to poo in the garden of the Information Centre right in front of the door.
Back to the car for a poo bag.
Again, set up for the photo.
Got a quick photo before Bella and Roxy headed for the bushes,

They would not go back near the rhinos so we couldn't walk to the car on the path.
We had to walk through the garden past the
 'please don't walk on the garden sign.'

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

All set, Ernie!
Have a GREAT WEEKEND, everyone!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Birthday Parcel

Over a WEEK ago we got this parcel in the mail.
It was from Ernie (and Frankie) for Roxy.

As you may remember, we weren't allowed to open it straight away.
But Ernie did say that because it was nearly 
my (Daisy's) Gotcha Day,
and there was something for Bella and me, we could open it.
Roxy immediately grabbed the alligator stuffie.

But she had to wait for her other presents.

Look at all the stuff!

Ernie and Roxy have a special Antler date every day. 
 They worked out the time so they could chew together.
Roxy took that antler to her hide out!
Then look at this, deer jerky! 

For all of us.  OMD it is soooooooooo delicious!

Bella and I got matching collars. 
 I wore mine to the Million Paws Walk.

Roxy got a new collar and a fridge magnet with an Ernie's picture.
Ernie has a matching collar!
They're going steady now.

Don't our collars look fabulous?
Daisy                    Roxy                          Bella

We're waiting for some more Deer Jerky!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday--May 22nd

About 8 weeks

About 5 months

2 years

Happy Birthday, Roxy!

We had a special post  to show what Ernie sent Roxy (and us) for her birthday
 and the #!@#%&* computer won't load the photos.....Grrrrrrrr!

Cake:  kangaroo mince (ground) with cottage cheese/ pumpkin/apple puree icing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

At the Million Paws Walk, one of the local VETs--not ours luckily--had a stall.  
They  had a scale for weighing  your pets.
Our friend Zuleika got on and got 2 (two) sample packets of WEIGHT REDUCTION kibble!

I, Daisy, got on and received a sample bag, filled with advertising stuff about that VET and a pedometer so SHE can see how many steps SHE takes.  (We have shorter legs so we take more.)


But worst of all was this leaflet...

We furkids at Downunder Daisy feel that this information should NOT be given out willynilly and may well be dangerous in the hands of treat-giving peeps.

There is so much room for abuse or misTREATment as peeps try to adapt this information to our usual treats.
We may become Treat Deprived.  Just sayin'.
We want to see the empirical evidence for these claims.  
We mean, who's giving a cat a single potato chip?

What do you think Blogville??

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Million Paws Walk 2013

Today was the 2013 Million Paws Walk.  It's an annual fundraiser for the RSPCA.  This year there were 20 venues and all the walks started at 11 am.
We had the largest turnout in 12 years.

I'm here, we can start!

 This year was a toss-up between Roxy and me as to who should go--Bella can't cope with crowds. 
 My good manners won out again.
I met loads of new dogs and some of our friends.
 We walked up to Sandy Beach and back.  
SHE said I wasted time sniffing and leaving if!
 Some pups were more interested in playing than walking.

When we came back, Roxy's zoomies buddy, Buddy, was there.
Good thing, I came and not Roxy.
They are crazy together.
Buddy looking the picture of a well-behaved dog.
We sat on the hill and watched all the games.
This little pup came over to say hi to me.
 Remember the lady who walks her Akitas and sheep?
She was there with one of each.
I had a close encounter with the sheep.

Look!  No fence!!!!!
 Even though I couldn't convince the people near us who were eating that I never get fed.....
It was a great day out!
(Don't worry Ernie, Buddy and Roxy are just friends.)