Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peeps on Parade

 We decided to join Sarge's Peeps on Parade, but SHE is not cooperating!

First of all, SHE was actually born in Washington DC and grew up in Annandale, VA.  SHE graduated from Radford College before it became a University and became a teacher in Bath County VA.  There was a disagreement with the School Board one year and all the teachers quit.  (There were only 3 school in the whole system.)
SHE'd been bitten by the travel bug after spending her Junior year in Germany, and was curious about Australia.  Australia was importing teachers at the time.  So SHE came here and was a classroom teacher for a long time.  (To pay for her travels and scotties)  Then it was time for a change.  So she went back to Uni and became an Itinerant Teacher for integrated Blind Children. 

We suppose that means some of her special skills include reading and writing braille.

SHE is now retired; but works as a casual (substitute) teacher at a small local school--only one grade each of k-yr6.

In addition to travelling, SHE loves to read...anything...and has recently acquired a Kindle because we ran out of book shelves.  SHE has tried many crafts, but loses interest once SHE can do them.....quilting, beading, porcelain doll making, reborns, knitting, pottery, hat making......quite a list.  SHE also loves going to the theatre and having coffee with friends.

We just love her....whether it's walking, snuggling, riding in the car, helping with jobs around the house.  We're always near...especially when cooking. And SHE just loves us!  Everyone says we're spoilt.

SHE has a wicked, Monty Python-type sense of humour.  And SHE loves the absurdities of life.


She hates being in front of the camera more than we do!
So this is the only picture of her we could find.

With Daisy
SHE does really have a head everyone.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We can comment!!!!

We've been unselecting temporary files, cookies, etc, then selecting them again (Safety upper right hand corner--delete history).  And finally when we unselected the keep signed box.  The comment thingy worked--go figure.  So far it seems to be working.  Our first word verification that worked was 'irked' BOL (that's putting it mildly.)  Good luck everyone who is having trouble.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frustrating Fursday....

Like other bloggers, we're having difficulty commenting.....actually, we're not allowed.  We're in a 'choose account, sign in,  write word verification.....choose account, sign in...yada yada' loop.  At first we thought it might be a geographical thing as we CAN comment on some blogs.  Nope.  Then we thought it was the blogs that have lots of stuff on their side bars (we sometimes have trouble with those) Nope.  It seems to be TOTALLY RANDOM!!!! 

So we are frustrated.  Rest assured, we are reading all blogs.  Hope this clears up soon.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

This will have a Wednesday date, but it's Thursday here.

Wordless Wednesday--Autumn

Monday, May 23, 2011

The boat ramp

 Someone forgot the camera yesterday when we went for a walk.  So I'll just have to describe what happened.
 Half-way through our walk, we came to a boat ramp.  Bella and I explored.  (We went back today so you could see what the ramp was like.)
We both went in for a little paddle, but fell off the ramp and were TOTALLY submerged!
I had to be pulled out, but Bella swam around the side where it was shallow.  Then, it was Wet Zoomies Time.  We ran around and around.  I dried off by rolling in the dirt and loose grass.
(There WAS a bath afterwards.)Today we didn't get in.  We're not  really submersible* scotties.

(*We may have made that word up).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spotlight on Kendra

Bella, Kendra & Daisy, taken at Kendra's favourite place--the Duck Pond.
Kendra is the least seen on our blog.  She likes staying in the background and often hides. 
On walks, she's usually in the rear.
 She wasn't socialised as a puppy and does not like people (other than HER).
Someone said Kendra looked like a bush pig as a baby.

Kendra's first  professional clip.  She was very embarrassed. We don't get skinned anymore.
Kendra is the best guard dog.  She looks and sounds as if she means business.  She goes for ankles.  She hates anyone coming to the house or walking passed and lets them know.
For years she wouldn't go for walks in daylight.  She has mellowed over the years and sometimes even approaches people.
She can usually be found on guard duty at the front window.
Begging for food.
 Kendra's world revolves around FOOD.  She loves eating and finding snacks--usually disgusting.  She always sits up and begs for food.  She has an incredible stomach clock and lets us know when it's dinner time.
She cries with happiness and anticipation as dinner is prepared.
Helping herself to the baguettes in the groceries.
 She has been known to help herself to any unguarded food.  She used to try to intimidate the others to get theirs. 
Kendra loves rolling in the grass, digging in sand and chasing a ball. 
 She loves nosing around in corners, and under things---probably looking for food.
And today, Kendra is 12!
Happy Birthday, Kendra.
(yes, there will be lambshanks.)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Saturday walk

 We  went to the Devil's Elbow last Saturday.  That's where our Wordless Wednesday picture was taken.

Bella hunting.

Bella did not give this up easily!

Sometimes our walks turn into adventures.  We hope you have an adventure this weekend!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Million Paws Walk

Daisy                    Bella
This morning we had another frost.  SHE didn't take us for our early morning walk.  Then when it warmed up, SHE loaded Bella and I in the car and we went to the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk.
 We saw our friend Gwen who was trying to get every dog to play.  Bella was very frightened at all the noise, dogs and people.
 But once the walk started, she really enjoyed herself--in fact we all did.
 We walked a long way.  When we returned, Bella and I shared a sausage sandwich.  I tried out the water in every water bowl--there were about 20 of them.
Daisy                                   Bella
Then we sat in the shade and watched all the dog contests. We met lots of new dogs and had a great time.  (Bella was much more settled when we finished the walk.)
It was a great day out AND lots of money was raised to care for those homeless dogs.
(Kendra stayed home because she cannot cope with the crowd or walk.)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Millie the Watch Dog

Millie and her favourite stuffie(?).
Sounds like everybody's been having the Blogger Blues, but it's back now.  So we'll try to catch up.
The other day we went to see our friend Millie.  She wasn't barking at the window or gate when we arrived.
SHE went inside and yelled 'Hello', but no response. SHE did hear snoring sounds from the living room and went to investigate.
There SHE found Millie's mum and grandmother asleep on the couches, with Millie curled up on her mum.
SHE waited for them to wake up.  First standing by the fire and watching the News.
Then SHE went into the other room and read their newspaper.  After about half an hour, while we ran around the back yard,  SHE gathered us up and we went home.
We rang them later to tell them about their wonderful watch dog.
B O L!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

 Hi, I had a Wordless Tuesday because this is a Wordy Wednesday.
Eight years ago today, 11th May I came to live here. 
 It's my Gotcha Day.
SHE didn't have a very good camera, so my baby pictures aren't the greatest.  SHE also scrap booked me, so trying to get pictures was even harder.
SHE has just discovered that she scrap booked the wrong date.
This picture was taken when I was choosing HER.  I was ten weeks old and my ear was just ready to come up. (Can't believe the Rocky Creek babe's ears are up at four weeks.)  
SHE says this is my THUG picture.
 It was Mother's Day. My five siblings and I had just arrived in Sydney the night before, after a 10-hour drive from Victoria.  We had just been microchipped and were playing in the garden when SHE arrived.  I ran around and looked cute and then just walked right up to her.  SHE got the message for once.
Being introduced to friends.
 Next we drove for another 6 1/2 hours with a few stops so I could get out and run around. 
 We finally got home and I met Kendra.  After dinner, I just zonked out on the couch, too tired to play.  But the next day, Kendra and I played lots of wild games. (and my ear popped up.)
About 14 weeks
I think I chose very well for such a little pup.
Today, we celebrated with......lambshanks, naturally.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday moans

After that great Mother's Day we planned.....guess what she did.  Monday morning she got out all the instruments of torture grooming tools and groomed us!  She said it's because we're going to the Million Paws Walk next week and it takes a week for all her mistakes to grow back.
Anyway, NO WAY am I going to COOPERATE and look at the flashy box!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

 Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.  We planned a great day for HER.
Firstly, we woke HER up really early, about 5 a.m. so SHE could enjoy a long day.
Then we took HER on gentle walk before bringing HER home to have breakfast.
We supervised while SHE made the breakfast and stood right under her feet so we could clean up quickly if necessary.
Then we sat next to HER on the couch in case SHE dropped something.  Bella cleaned up all the crumbs on her blouse.
 Next we took HER on a walk by the river.  Lots of dogs thought of that.  We saw many new dogs and some old friends.
Afterwards, we made sure SHE got a cappuccino at the drive-thru.
We stayed with HER all morning and didn't even complain when SHE went out for awhile without us.
When SHE came home, we snuggled on the couch while SHE watched a movie.  By the end, we all needed another walk.  So off we went again.
Daisy                       Bella                            Kendra
Finally, we sort of cooperated so she could take this picture of us. (It's picture number 9.)
Oh, and we gave her a new little heater for the computer room so SHE can stay warm when SHE's typing for us; and new gloves for our early morning walks.
Hope you gave your moms a very special day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We've been very busy.......

 We have a mouse!  At least SHE's hoping it's just the one.  We've seen it a few times and we've been THIS close to catching it.  Mostly we sit and stare at the stove....or fridge....or tv.....
 Kendra hasn't noticed the mouse.
We've been chasing Magpies out of OUR garden.
They're VERY sneaky birds.....
probably related to cats.

(Night two with the pup tents went well, though, someone (Daisy) woke everyone else up at 2 a.m., so we went outside for awhile.)
Also, I Daisy, still sleep wherever I choose.....which is usually on my favourite two towels on the bedroom floor.
Have a Happy Mother's Day....those who celebrate this Sunday.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A package

 A large, funny-looking package arrived at our house yesterday. 
 We were very curious and helped open it.
Kendra tries to figure out what it could be
 There were two flat, blue things.
We pulled this out of the blue bags. 
Kendra and Bella
We watched as it was put together. 
 It was a tent.....
 Or a condo.....or something.
Kendra                              Bella                        Daisy
We tried them out.
There were two of them.  At bedtime, Kendra was put in one and Bella in the other.  (Kendra has been having accidents at night and occasionally Bella 'forgets'.)
SHE thought that  crating might be the answer.
But SHE didn't zip the doors up all the way.
Kendra cried to get out.  Bella just went to sleep quietly--we thought.
In the morning both crates were empty!
And there was a poo on the floor.
Tonight the zippers will be closed ALL THE WAY!