Monday, June 21, 2010

Marli Monday

We went to see Marli today. Marli has to stay all alone some days. Her family is either at work or school. So we sneak over to play with her and no one knows! It's our little secret.
First we check out her food dish to see if there is anything left. Today there was. I scored a few bits until Alpha took it away from me. There were some bones with a bit of chew still left on them in Marli's bed. But those were removed too.

So it was on with the games. We chased each other all over the yard in the sun.
That Marli is one fast labradoodle.
We ran around and around, stopping only for a little rest, play fights,
or a drink.
I always get into Marli's water dish. They call me the hippo.

I dry off afterwards.

When we're tired, we put everything back the way it was, and leave.
We gave Marli one of our Roo Chews when we left.
See ya again soon, Marli.


  1. We know Marli is glad to see you come by for a visit, even if you do get in her waterbowl.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  2. I won't tell on you. I Pawmise. You sure had a grrreat time with your mate.

  3. Hehe! I likes your undercover play dates. It sure looks like fun! Oh, if only Marli's pawrents knew abouts the pawty that went on while they weren't there!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Marli's family doesn't read your bloggie, do they?

  4. Hope Marli's family doesn't read your blog!!!
    No Bambi didn't get anything. When she was young she loved to play with anything. Now that she is sliding down the hill to 13 she doesn't seem that interested in playing. She still loves to eat tho!!!
    So glad you girls had a good time playing with your neighbor!!! It looked like you had a ball with her!!!
    XXOO, Fern

  5. What a great secret. Playdates are fun, but secret playdates are betterer. You all look such happy little minxes!

    Here' to playdates
    Waggles and Swaggles
    Hector and Bonny-the-barrel

  6. We go spazzo on the lawn like that too.
    Glad you are looking after next door's pup. No one wants to be home all day alone...

  7. miss hippo! heehee, i LOVE your nickname, miss daisy! can i call you that sometimes, or is it embarrassing to you? i don't want you to be full of the embarrassments.
    it sure is nice of ya'll to go secretly visit miss marli while her family is gone for the day! i see you had lots of play time and zoomies...did ya'll get to jump on the trampoline, too? :)
    the booker man

  8. Love the "Hippo" picture! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  9. Oh Daisy - you are the cutest hippo we hve ever seen, LOVED it!

    What fun you have with Marli. Gosh, we sure wish WE could sneak round to play with her too!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  10. We love the picture of you in Marli's water bowl & then drying off after. I'm supposed to like water according to my breed standards, but they are wrong. Water is too much like a bath!