Friday, June 18, 2010


See this little guy? ( He's about an inch, or 2.5 cm long.) We saved him......or at least I would have if I hadn't been told to get away. He was entangled in a spider's web. With a huge Redback walking towards him. BUT he shed his tail when we were rescuing him!
A Redback is a venomous spider related to the Black Widow Spider. Boy was that little skink lucky. He was VERY close to being bitten. We let him go in the garden.

This is the spider. See the red on her back? She was quite large. Her abdomin was about the size of a pea. We get them in the corners of our house outside. Usually, spiders are safe around us. Our rule is anything that kills flies and mosquitoes is a friend of ours. Unfortunately, for this spider and her eight egg sacs, she picked the wrong place to make a web. The laundry room is no place for a Redback.
Then a couple of days later, another Redback caught a HUGE moth ( about 3 inches long). Her web was on the outside of the laundry room window. It was too late for the moth as the spider had already bitten it by the time we noticed. Redbacks are not aggressive spiders and you pretty much have to pick them up, for it to bite. But because we are such great bug catchers, they have to go.


  1. wow! he bit off more than he could chew! hehehe! the butterfly in our picture was in the forground--i think most people missed it!

  2. Yucky!! We hope you stay away from those redbacks!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  3. Oh how wonderful that you saved the Skink. I hope I never lose MY tail.
    I'm glad that I don't have Those spider here. You are really brave.

  4. We like spiders and snakes....but then we don't have any of the poisonous kind. That's scary when they are in the house!


  5. Ooo - that's a scary spider. Outside the house is fine but inside - no, no, no. Keep away from them. Glad you saved the skink -
    Judie, Duncan and Hamish

  6. Okay, that spider is kinda skeery but that's like the BIGGEST moth I've ever seen in my whole life! It was like Mothra! My mom is really skeered of moths. She says they're like ugly, drunken butterflies.

    I'm a Most Excellent bug catcher, too. But I hopes I never catch anything that might bite me. So you girls be careful, 'kay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Yikes! We don't think we'd like venomous spiders living so close to us! Please be careful!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. OH, no, no. I'm not a spider fan. Never have been, never. You're very kind to leave them alone! Yikes!

  9. ya'll sure were super kind and brave to save the little lizard dude! those redbacks sound scary, and i would totally not want them in my house either! eeeek!
    the booker man