Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our New Friend Millie

Some human friends of ours got a new puppy yesterday. She's an eight-week-old miniature dachshund. Her name is Millie.
Isn't she cute? She is so tiny. I've never seen a puppy that small before. I got to meet her today--because I'm such a good dog. We were afraid that Bella wouldn't be gentle enough. Bella just loves rough play.

Millie was a bit shy at first. I guess I looked pretty big to her. Also, I'm the first big dog, other than her mother, that she's met.
After a few minutes of watching me, she got closer ....then would run back to her human mum. She did this for awhile.
I tried to get her to chase me. Eventually, it worked. She'd chase me a little ways and run back to her mum.

Finally, she got the idea of bitey face and was swinging off my beard. Naturally, the photographer was hopeless and kept missing the good shots. (She blamed the camera!)
We had a great time once Millie got braver. I was very gentle. Her human was very impressed. She couldn't believe that a big dog like me could play so gently with a puppy. And not get cranky when my beard had a puppy hanging off it.

Then Millie went inside and went straight to bed. She was very tired. She is so sweet. Alph has been oooohing and awwwing--she loves puppies. When Millie's a bit bigger, we'll introduce her to Bella and Kendra. (Kendra's gentle, too, but we thought one dog at a time is enough when you're that small.)


  1. Oh Daisy - what a good girl you are! We quite agree - Millie is soooo cute, FH's squealing was off the scale at these photos! We're so glad that Millie has discovered the joy of bitey face at such a young age. Ahhh, puppies - so much to learn, so much to experience - it's all so exciting! When Millie finally meets you all just imagine the fun - it's gonna be great! Thanks for introducing her to us - we hope to see her again soon! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. You are a sweet girl - Scotties are amazingly gentle with puppies and Bella and Kendra will do fine, but it's best not to overwhelm the puppy at first.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  3. Millie is ADORABLE! I don't think Brodie and Caolin would have done that well with such a small puppy so kudos to you for being so kind to her.

  4. Daisy,

    What a cute new friend you have. You should teach Millie to blog..Hee Hee. In the meantime, you will have to keep us posted on Millie!


  5. Daisy that Millie is just darling. We call that color... wild boar. You were soooooo kind to the little one.

  6. Daisy your humans should be very proud of you, what a gentle girl you are with Millie. I'm sure that because of you she is a little more socialized now and will learn make friends a lot easier when she's older.

    You're right, she is a total cutie pie... Our mom loves this breed but is terribly allergic to them, she's such a strange bird!


  7. Of course a Scottie is the cutest puppy ever but I have to admit that little dachshund make me melt. I just want to nibble on their ears.

    My niece those the stuffed dogs like in the last picture, that guy is so tiny.

  8. did such a good job with that puppy! Hopefully with lots of good experiences with big dogs like you, she'll grow up liking other doggies. I didn't gets to meet very many other doggies growing up, so I gets kinda nervous sometimes around dogs I don't know cuz I don't know what to say. And you know how uncomfortable those awkward silences are! So you're doing a very much good thing for little Millie!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. hihi ya'll!!!
    me and asa are back from summer camp!
    okie dokie, so that little millie is super fantastically full of the cuteness! my mama has gone into cute puppy coma over here. heehee. miss daisy, i think you were a good girl to be so gentle with miss millie. you are showing her the ropes. :)
    the booker man