Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Riding in Cars

Me, Daisy ready to come home from the duckpond.
I just love riding in the car, especially with my head out the window. Kendra and Bella hate car rides. They hide on the floor. But me, I love looking at everyone and everything.
We had to buy a car with electric windows, so the windows can easily go up and down when we are driving. We call it my Cat Scan.
Some days, Alpha takes only me and we do a lap of the main street, just so
I can see everything. I can only go if it isn't too hot. Now that it is Autumn, I'm getting more rides. I've noticed that lots of people look at me and smile as we ride by. It's good making people smile. We need more of it.
Yep, riding cars is Great.
PS. I do have a restraint so I can't fall out.


  1. WOO!HOO! Girls riding in cars. We love riding.

    The Rocky Creek Scotties

  2. Wooos!I love riding in cars too, but Mum will not let me stick out my whole head, just my nose...something about poking an eye out, silly moms, and Lucky woo!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. Making people smile is always a good thing! Thanks for doing the public that service! You are so funny Daisy. When I ride in cars even if the window is down a wittle bit I don't ever stick my head out. My momma said I'm weird and totally missing out! I guess I need to take a lesson!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  4. I do the same thing! I also leave my runny nose prints behind on the glass as well since the child proof windows don't go all the way down. I guess they're dog proof too!


  5. We love to ride in cars, but we aren't allowed to stick our heads out. We can still sniff the wonderful scents, though.

  6. oh, miss daisy, i LOVE riding in cars, too!!! i'm glad you have a seat belt,though. safety first!
    the booker man

  7. That looks like great fun. My people haven't bought me a restraint yet, so I have to be careful.