Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Beach--Sort of

After reading blogs about so many dogs going to beaches, Alpha told us we had a beach ,too. Well, it's called a beach and is down by the river. So off we went to explore. At least as much as we could with leads on. There are some dumb human rules, aren't there?

Naturally, we liked the muddy area--more interesting to smell and it was so nice and squishy.

Bella and I found this Island of flowers. It had lots of interesting smells on it. We added our calling cards and moved on.

When we got hot, there was long grass to jump in.

We were very tired when we came home.


  1. What a nice adventure you had. There is nothing like the feeling of mud squishing between your paws!

  2. What a wonderful adventure - we love mud, but we hate rain!

    The Rocky Creek Scotties

  3. It looks like a grand adventure!