Friday, March 5, 2010

Three of Us

Here we are, from left to right, Kendra, Bella and me, Daisy. This was taken a few months ago when Bella first came.

We're on the lookout for cats. We have lots of them sneaking around our neighbourhood. We don't let them in our garden; but some times they do get in the front.

We let them know VERY definitely that that is NOT ALLOWED!


  1. Hi,

    Welcome to the world of blogging and for stopping by to visit us. We look forward to getting to know you better.

    The Rocky Creek Gang

  2. Glad to make contact. I've been watching the puppies growing. I think they look like little polar bears. Just beautiful.


  3. Good Morning,

    There is another Scottie blog from Australia, I think, although she blogs a lot about life, not just her dogs. It is

    Have a great day - I gave you a "shout-out" on my blog today so hopefully we'll get some folks by to say "Hi"

    Lynn - Mom to the Rocky Creek Gang

  4. Hello! Rocky Creek Scotties told us about you. My Mom used to have a Scottie but he got very old and now she just has me, Stella.

    Like everybuddy, we are crazy about the new Scottie babies at Rocky Creek and we love to watch them grow.

    Stop for a visit someday!


  5. Hello and welcome to the world of blogging! That photo of you & your siblings is beautiful! I am proudly owned by two Scotties, Brodie and Caolin. You can see pictures of them on my twitter site:

    Sarah, Brodie and Caolin

  6. The cats around here have learned to stay away from our yard, but those pesky squirrels come and tease us every day.