Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday walkies

Look at our big shadows
This morning Alpha got out of bed very late. We had breakfast. Looked like the morning walk was off. But it wasn't. We were off to the sports fields. We love the sports fields because we can just run and run, and sniff and sniff.

Bella raced madly around Kendra.

Kendra was off the lead for a short time. But she got lost in the moment and kept getting left behind. We can't leave her too far behind, because if a person comes, she'll sneak up behind them and bite their ankles.
We're having a rest, before more running.

Checking for cats in the stormwater drains on the way home.

When we got home there was a cat in our front garden!
We scared that cat away.

What a great start to the day!


  1. Thanks for coming by our blog. We have a lot of Scottie friends at Rocky Creek. Those puppies are so cute.

    You guys look like a great cat patrol. Our specialty is squirrels.
    The Porties, Morgan and Tsar

  2. look at all that awesome green, green grass. i'd give anything to roll in it right now! :)
    the booker man

  3. BOL, about the ankle biting!!

  4. So, did you see a cat? We've never seen one and wonder what they taste like.

    We know about that ankle biting thing. Lilly destroyed a pair of knee high UGGS the first 3 months we had her - Mom was terrified when Spring came and she would have to take off her boots - she just knew Lilly would love bare ankles - but Lilly never attacker her ankles after she took off the boots.

    The Rocky Creek Scotties