Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last September our Alpha disappeared for the day--She does this sometimes.
She came back late (after our usual dinner time) with a cat crate.
She put it on the porch.
Naturally, Kendra and I were curious, so we started sniffing it.
Inside was a little snarly, growly, black thing.
We left it alone and went inside to have our Very Late dinner.
And right behind us was a small, hungry scottie.

Bella and her big nose.
Yep, Bella had joined the pack.
She'd travelled on two planes, then spent two days in a car. (No wonder she was snarly.)
Alpha had several names in mind for a new scottie, but Bella had
been Bella for 5 months and the name suited her. Bella has a big nose and Alpha loves that.
I was a bit worried at first, she WAS cute. But Alpha made sure that I didn't lose my
status and Bella is fun. She follows me around and copies what I do.
Alpha had forgotten what puppies were like, remember I was nearly 7.
Cyclone Bella trained Her quickly. It only took chewed up
sandals and a library book (both expensive) to get Her put her things away.
We also think Bella is part termite. She loves eating anything made of wood.
She brings sticks and bark chips into the house. We saw her gnawing on a
tree once--maybe she's part beaver.
She loves tearing up paper, too.
Naturally, she ignores all the chew toys that were bought for her.
We are more active since she came.....except Kendra.
So all in all I'm glad Bella came to live with us.
I checked my nose and I think it's big, too.


  1. Oh Good Grief! I chew wood, too! Sticks, tree bark, you name it. Bella sure is cute. Big nose and all. Roo Roo to You! Stuart

  2. Hi Stuart

    I've been following your blog for ages; but couldn't get my comments to come up....I'm not very technical. You are my inspiration!

    XXXOOO, Daisy

  3. Our Lillygirl was a paper shredder and Piper was a stick carrier - the bigger the better - as if size matters - BOL

    The Rocky Creek Gang

  4. my mama is a sucker for big noses, too. teehee!
    i am a fellow wood connoisseur. sticks, bark, tree roots, the back deck posts...i'm game for any of it. we doggies need our fiber, you know? ;)
    the booker man

  5. I'm hoping that maybe I get a brother someday.

  6. Woooos Bella! I just hope my Mum does not bring any more puppies here, I am getting too old for them, although she has been making noises about puppies... sigh...
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. BonnieBluebelle.. LOVED to eat cookbooks..really I kid you not....French were her preference ( and a few crafty books too) but we loved her and miss her dearly every day!

  8. Why do they pick library books, and if they're going to chew library books, why do the choose they bad ones that I don't want to keep? Twice I've had to pay for chewed books that I wasn't at all interested in having in my collection.