Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Pup on the Block

G'day mates!
My name is Daisy.
I've been following a few blogs for a month or so now,
reading about dogs all over the world,
about new puppies,
dogs who have left us
and dogs in shows
and dogs in snow.
But I haven't found any from Downunder so I
thought I'd do something about that.
In case you are wondering about the photo, it's
summer down here and hot.
Sometimes you just need to get that cool
air-conditioning on your underside.


  1. Welcome Daisy. There are ten of us. Morgan and Tsar are mixes and the rest of us are Portuguese Water Dogs. We have some friends who are Westies and a lot of bloggy friends. We heard about you from the Rocky Creek Scotties. Aren't their puppies cute?

  2. Happy to meet you--all ten of you. Carrleigh's puppies are adorable.

    Hope to catch up with you another time.


  3. Hi! I'm a fellow Australian Scottie owner!

  4. Hello Daisy! So this when all these terrific postings started. :D

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