Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sign of the Times Sunday...

On the way to the river, we stopped to refuel the car.  This sign was on the pump.

This sign was on the closed gate.

You know what that means

 We had the place all to ourselves!

No KFC/McDonald's rubbish
Just us.....

And the River Monster just keeping its head above water.
 And some pelicans

And those noisy cockatoos.

Stay safe, friends.


  1. When you go home you three..... wash your Paws!!! :)

  2. Those cockatoos sure a LOUD! All to you yourselves means that nobuddy gets in trouble, right? Happy Sunday!

  3. the pawfect place to stay out of mischief... what a fun place with no people but your own.. the lady who use to do my hair, way back in the distant past, had a cockapoo and a minor bird on her porch. they were even louder than your video birds. about walking and not turning around... Big's daddy can't walk that far, he has bad knees and can only do 1/2 mile, it is more than a mile to walk around without turning around...

  4. When everything else is so quiet, one notices how noisy certain birds can be!

  5. Oh yes my friends it is a sign of the times everywhere. As of 5pm tomorrow(Monday) NC will be operated under a stay at home order. We can get groceries, go to the pharmacy and exercise outside.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. There is an advantage of the virus. Stay safe!

  7. How nice to have the whole place to yourselves. Mom loves pelicans.

  8. Those sure are some noisy birds, but they didn't seem to interfere with your fun walk.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  9. Those birds sure are loud! How fun that you got to play at the river with nobody to bother you.

  10. You stay safe too. Be careful, now that it is quiet some of those dangerous animals might become bolder.

  11. No need to worry about keeping 6 feet away from other folk !

  12. You entered even though it said closed. Well here if we did that we would get a fine. We have a cousin who lives in France and the fine for going out without a printed slip is 167 euros why that is $187 dollars. He wanted bread the most expensive loaf he ever got.
    Sweet William The Scot