Friday, January 24, 2020

W T Friday......

Yesterday's post--Roxy rollin'--was the first time Roxy has rolled since last November--and there was no smelly stuff.
She has been out-of-sorts since the end of November.
Walking slowly...not jumping...or being Roxy.
When manipulated, or pressed along the spine, legs and feet there was no flinching or reaction.  
So we've just let her decide what to do.
Recently, she has perked up and is walking faster,
occasionally running, chewing sticks, jumping on the couch and intimidating Bella.  Getting back to her usual self.
So the rolling was noteworthy.
SHE calls that Roxy's 'Pompeii cast dog' pose.


  1. Roxy darlin' little one!! What wonderful news and we had no idea that it was your first roll in F U R E V E R!!! Per chance were you pouting after SHE had been gone for so long? No matter Roxy is back and I say hooray. What an interesting Pompeii Cast dog pose. Well done for you!!! Cheers and hugs for you

  2. I love it, both RoxyRollin and the statue... precious. so glad to hear she is doing better. and that there was NO SMELL involved in the making of this photo. Bob stopped Big JUST IN TIME, the morning after 4th of July, walking down our street someone had left a big pile of human vomit in the street, it was close

  3. We're so glad to hear Roxy is feeling better and hope she continues to improve.

  4. OMD, that is PAWSOME news!!! Sometimes it just takes some time to heal (just ask Ma, nows that she is older than dirt, she takes LOTS of time to heal BOL!!) Sorry abouts not findin' something good to roll time time....
    Ruby ♥

  5. Oh that is such good news about Roxy. It's hard to see our pups when they're out of sorts, when we just want see them enjoying being the characters we've grown accustomed to. Long may you rock and roll Roxy!
    Sending hugs,
    Gail and Bertie.

  6. We are so happy that you are feeling better, Roxy!

  7. That's a cool picture of Roxy. Maybe I'll see that statue in October, going on a Mediterranean cruise and will be doing an excursion to Pompeii.

  8. Please tell HER I said LOL to her comment on tall buildings.
    I declare if you stare at that one long enough it appears to be moving...makes me dizzy or maybe ditzy.
    Hugs C

  9. Yep Roxy you got the pose just perfect now just stay perfectly well.
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. We are SO happy to see you getting back to yourself Roxy!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty