Monday, September 16, 2019

Tankfull Tuesday

It's 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday here, so we're posting on Tuesday.
Look what we woke up to:

 Yep, RAIN.  It's not loads of rain, and not supposed to last most of the day, but it
should be enough to fill our little water tank.
 Hence the TANKFULL pun.
 (some mornings we're so sharp we almost cut ourselves.)

There has also been a low rumble of thunder:
(Exhibit A)

And as we're on Level 2 water restrictions, it isn't even our day to water the garden..BONUS!
It isn't enough to break the drought, but every little bit helps.
The small town to the north now has a no showers policy,
we dogs, naturally, want to do our part by not having baths!


  1. We're happy to hear you got some rain. It's no fun being in a drought but what a bonus if it means you can't have any baths. BOL!

  2. I think we got your rain. This is the wettest summer since we've been here (20 years). We're very glad you did get some rain. A good start to the week.

  3. Stay away from the north. PEEEEEEE YUUUUUUUUU

  4. I had no idea there was a drought in your corner of the world. I hope it ends soon - And I'm glad you had a small shower. As you said, every little bit helps.

  5. We are glad you finally got the rain. We hope it filled up your tank. Do you have your gutters set up to run into the tank. That fill it fast.

  6. BOL!!!!! at Kismet's comment! SO true! yikes! Even in the depth of our worst drought, we still gots to have showers! (thank DoG, or Ma would be hell to be around! BOL!!) We gots about the same amount of rain this morning too! You knows that furst rain after a long dry spell, and the air stinks of dirt and wet concrete? yuppers, that was this morning! nows, THAT was stinky! BOL
    Anyhu, glads you finally gots some rain, and as Kismet said, stay away from the North!
    Ruby ♥

  7. Hmm, maybe I should not have baffs in solidarity!

  8. we wait for some rain too... it looks promising today, but we are afraid it ends with 50 shades of gray and 3 rain drops...

  9. Raining! boo! we dont like when it rains it makes our paws wet! Our Mommy must be crazy when she tries to get us to go out when there is a drop of rain on the deck.

  10. Thank the Heavens for the beautiful rain when you need it most!

  11. I knew you were in a drought but did not know how bad it is. we were in drought for 4 years, but not bad enough to cancel showers. so glad you got a little rain and on a day that you could not water is even better. prayers your drought will end soon... big boy says yay for no dog bathing

  12. Yay for every single itty bitty drop of precious rain.
    I hope it will break the dry spell.
    OMDs no showers...maybe you can some how twitch your noses to move your house to that town. No more waterboarding.
    Personally my shower is my favorite time of day. I'd be in a world of hurt if I could not take one
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. Yay for rain but stop that thunder! We hate things that scare our friends.

  14. Always things to be tankfull for, even if it's rain.

  15. Yay for some rain!! We know every little bit helps!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  16. Thank goodness for the rain! We have been needing rain here but unfortunately, it is all coming within the next two days with an expected 15". I'm praying we don't get near that much. Bentley will be taking lots of Treatibles!

  17. We got rain here today too in Seattle.
    I hope your drought ends soon.
    xo Astro and Mitzie

  18. Glad you got a little rain. Hope the drought ends soon.

  19. Yay you got rain!! Can't imagine a whole town that can't shower!
    Mabel & Hilda