Sunday, September 29, 2019

Same ol', same ol' Sunday

We've been busy.  But nothing much to write about.
We've been to the river every morning to walk around the track.

Bella has 'suffered' puppy sniffs.

 Roxy and Kenzie continue their keep away games.
 The pups are growing quickly.
 And Dui has discovered a hole.
Each and every time we walk past the spot,
he has to race over and put his head in it.
 Turns out, it is a neatly dug den of some sort.
Don't know what dug it, but suspect the fox Dui bailed up 
a few weeks ago.
We have also chased a 'roo that has been on our side of the river
a few mornings.
So it's just the same ol' stuff.


  1. Your mornings look like fun to me! Are you sure you want to put your head in that hole, Dui?!

  2. we wish Roos and Foxes were here, we have raccoons and squirrels and possums. Baby Girl was a lover of holes, she was our # 2 rescue dog, she was 10 months old, a little older than Roxie was when you rescued her. Cooper was 7, Big was 5 and 1/2.. so glad you get to live with Dui and Bella, dear Roxie. loving all the photo opps this week.. including the hole. Baby could dig one all the way to Austrailia in a few seconds

  3. Well I think you have lots to write about. Bella 'suffering' puppy sniffs, Roxy's games, puppies growing fast, Dui discovering a den and, best of all, a 'roo to chase! Gosh Gail and I would far rather read about this than all the stuff we're seeing in the newspapers at the moment...
    Toodle pip!

  4. Dui is doing a World War One reenactment by getting into foxholes.

  5. It may be the same old stuff but it looks like you all are having a fun time. Be careful of putting your head into holes Dui. You wouldn't want to upset whoever is in there.

  6. Wow that was a most exciting Sunday in my opinion. Tug of war,
    new pups with inquisitive sniffers and Dui imitating a fox.
    Did SHE do anything exciting?
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Your same ole stuff is pretty exciting...We would love to chase Roos and foxes!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. yeah, I agree, you plain ole stuffs is mighty excitin' guys! Especially that hole! you knows we terrierist loves a good hole!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Yes, but it's totally fun stuff!!!! You are hilarious, Dui!