Sunday, September 1, 2019

Mystery solved Monday

The story behind the Mini-Me photo.
After our friend Chloe went to the Bridge aided by the dreaded 'C'.
A new dog was added to their family--free from a classified Ad.
Whisky is a supposed black labrador X
 (crossed with something that has a beard)
She had had a poor start to life, was starved and ignored.
However, sweet-natured.  She wasn't too sure about all the dogs
at the river and stayed close to the humans, but wasn't aggressive.
After her first weekend at the river, she refused to come again.
she produced two puppies (on HER birthday)
As she came off a property, and the pups are so large, we think they may be part Bull Arab.
This past weekend, they came to the river to meet all the dogs.
(Really, they are too young for that.--5 weeks)
Pirate, the mini-Roxy, joined right in with the big dogs.
He is very confident.
Bandit, the masked pup, (now called Pugsley because he is more cautious) took awhile to move away from the basket.
They are being weaned and will probably be surrendered to
the RSPCA for rehoming.
The RSPCA will microchip them, give them all their needles, spay them and vet all potential owners.
Here are some puppy photos.

Just arriving

Roxy meeting Pirate

Demi, Dui and Roxy giving them the Sniff Test

Roxy, Buddy and Bear with Pirate

Roxy meeting Pugsley

Pirate joining in with the big dogs.....a watchful brother Jake in the background

Tired pups taking a rest near their human's feet.
Note: we don't have room for another pup--no matter how cute they are!


  1. Such a couple of cutie pies. We understand how you can't add another but it sure would be fun.

  2. Lady loves the look of puppies - she lights up in a way that she doesn't around human babies, but she knows she does not have the energy for another puppy. She said the first 3 in her life (especially her Hailey) zapped it all!

  3. You need to get some audio. I'm a parrot and need to prepare for "Talk like a Pirate" day.

  4. They are really adorable -- And I'm with HER, no puppies for us either, no matter how cute they are or how much they need a good home -- WE SHALL RESIST!! :-)!!

  5. OMD!!!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Ma was just thinkin'....another puppers?? Wowsa, SHE is brave! BOL!!! I just can't believes how much Pirate looks like Roxy!!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  6. oh they are so cute and loveable... all our best wishes to the mama and we hope that all will find a super furever home...

  7. my heart melted both times I went through the slide show. I LOVE PUPPIES! ad these are the kind I love... after my heart melted I read the story and now it is breaking for them going to a shelter... awesome photos

  8. if I had the mother I would keep the puppies.. just saying

  9. Oh my is amazing HOW very much they both look like Roxy.
    It will be fun to watch them grow.
    I'm very sorry the family lost their Chloe...
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Oh, our Mom would take that little Pirate. We know she needs a puppy to love.

  11. What grand wee pups. We do hope Pirate and Pugsley find wonderful homes. (We think Pirate especially might be a bit of a handful).

  12. What adorable puppies, we bet they find wonderful furrever homes!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty