Monday, May 29, 2017

Scottie? Male?

Male scottie, or just Dui?

 It has been YEARS since we've had a male scottie.
 He is so different to the girls, that he puzzles us sometimes.
We understand the leg lifting.
Dui has his own version of Tall Poppy Syndrome,
what rises above the rest must be wee'd on.
 Dui races from side to side to lift his leg on everything.
We say 'lift his leg' because after about the third
go, he's empty, so it's just a leg lift.
 However, he also lifts his leg against a tree, to poo!
He cannot jump.
Whenever he wants to lifted up, he gives a
shrill cry, and then lays down to await assistance.
He barks at anything,
must be held tightly when meeting another dog on a walk,
lunges at them screaming in anger.
He has bitten three (very understanding) people,
ripping the trousers of two.
He loves chasing anything on wheels.
Well, racing. The times he has chased rattling
trucks, he races to the side.
He has to be watched every minute when out of the yard.

In the mornings, he is snuggly.  He won't get up until he has been cuddled and properly worshipped.
When offered a treat or food, he often takes it with a
'if this is all there is, I'll have it' attitude.

We think he's like those young men who
are arrested for anti-social acts, whose
parents and friends say
'But he's a loving boy and wonderful son.'
He is a puzzle.


  1. Dui the Mystery:) He is just so cute, we can't believe he does all those naughty things:)

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  2. BOL!!! OMD, Ma was laughin' cause I, too, lift my leg to pee ONLY on my walkies, butts I, too, lift my leg to POO on trees, bushes and tall grasses! Ma thinks I do this just so she has to DIG to find my poopies while I stand back and chuckle at the farce of it all! Oh, and I, too, am suspicious of foodables until I have inspected with the long sniff. then often I drop to the floor for closer inspection. You never knows when Ma is gonna try and sneak a pill or somethings!
    I, too, bark and lunge at doggies I BELIEVE want to start somethings on our the great embarrassment to Ma. ☺
    though mostly I ignore the doggies if they aren't interested in me.
    Ma agrees, I am a puzzle.....though, Ma says terriers ARE a puzzle....☺
    Ruby ♥

  3. He sounds like a sily boy with a lot of funny quirks and some issues that need to be worked on. Take it from us. The cute dogs can get away with a lot. I am sure your parents will get him to curb his behavior

  4. I think Dui is quite the character, and I'd so love to meet him! Todd has been tempered by the Goldens, and at 6 years old, he is a little unlike some of those that attend the family reunions. The boys I like best, the girls, at least the ones I've met are a bit on the feisty side like your boy. I got bit by Todd's cousin who just went after him -- He was sitting next to me, minding his own business & she she him and came after him. She got me when I scooped him up. It was quite the wound, 4 puncture marks on the top/bottom of my wrist and one heck of a bruise afterwards. I didn't tell the family or show it to anyone because I didn't want to upset anyone. For me, it confirmed that while I really love Scotties, and they have a special place in my heart, I honestly don't know if I'd ever have another.

  5. What a character! I see that Kim has commented - and that's good because she has a male Scottie too! Dui sounds like an incredible character. I love all his quirks!!!

  6. If he were a parrot, I'd take him!

  7. Dui my friend, this is no good at all. Running out of tree marking fluid after only THREE pees! Really, you have to learn to eek it out a bit more slowly!
    Toodle pip!
    PS I too have been known to execute the three legged poo. Humans just don't understand the balance and coordination required for this tricky performance.

  8. BOL I dunno about Scottie but we're not that dissimilar when it comes to barking at other (stranger) dogs on walks. I lift my leg too even after my bladder is empty, followed by the back kick. I am amazed though, at "properly worshipped", "shrill cry" and "awaits assistance". Looks like you've HER well trained! I don't do shrill cry, only staring (sending brain waves) even in the dark at night when I want up on mom's bed BOL


  9. he is a REAL boy ;o) like me LOL... but I can not lift my leg by now and people often think I'm a girl ;O)))

  10. Does this mean that you're a handful, Dui? Mackie lifts his leg to pee at least 87 times on our walkies. I think he's nutty!

  11. Dui, it sounds like you found the most understanding parents ever and no wonder you puzzle your sisters. You are unique and cute.

  12. I know someone with Scotties who does agility. Her boys are quite a handful. They like doing things their own way, and don't like other dogs too much.

  13. MOL MOL MOL please tell HER we are sorry to be lol/mol but this was hilarious. OMCs....Mom said out loud..wonder if Dui has a wee bit of Dachshund DNAs running through his Scottish veins. Toto our mighty mini had many of Dui's endearing qualities too. AND sometimes Mom even says she thinks Toto came back as a cat...ME.
    Yep we both had/have a stubborn streak.
    Hugs and thanks for the laughs
    Madi and mom your bfff

  14. We think you are one special kid
    Lily & Edward

  15. Definitely a special boy! It is great to have such a distinct personality but it can also be challenging!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. Yes he does sound like a puzzle indeed! Me and Stanley almost always squat unless we are on a walk then we lift. Stanley loves to stand in the middle of bushes. We can't figure that out.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. That is a puzzle indeed. As girl dogs, we think all boy dogs are puzzles, quite frankly...

  18. DUI we both found some real patient and understanding pawrents. I am a handful as well ;)

    Matt (& Matilda)

  19. Hehe Dui, I finks you are whats known as a 'Character' and thats a good thingy!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  20. In Porties the boys tend to be softer than the girls. The girls are tough and independent but the boys are cuddlers.

  21. Dui - Sounds to me like you have the house exactly where you want it.

    1. Forgot to add ... the house and all its occupants ... exactly where you want them.

  22. Yup, everyone is different! I chuckled at the leg lift, we have that too but not our boy Trail. He'll watch Bill lift then he squats. Yup...different!

  23. Oh gosh they way this reads ~ you are a terriest!
    Sweet William The Scot

  24. Pierre lifts his leg on everything when we walk. Bentley has never hiked his leg...ever! We had a miniature Schnauzer that was a biter. They can be quite a challenge, especially when they are so darn cute like Dui. ♥