Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melbourne Cup

 Today was the 150th running of the Melbourne Cup.  It the richest handicap race in the world and it's held the first Tuesday in November every year.  Horses come from around the world for the millions in prize money and prestige of winning.
 It's called the Race that Stops a Nation.  We found this sign this morning on a shop door.
 It is a day where most Australians join in.  It is the one race that most people have a bet.  It's also a time for fashion or fancy dress.  People arrive early at the race track to get the best positions to watch the race AND all the people.  It's the seventh race of the day.  Away from Melbourne, all over the country, there are Cup Luncheons and Afternoon teas.  It is a day of HATS.
 This is Patti preparing HER morning cappuccino.  She's got her hat on.  The coffee shop was closing early today.
 We studied the racing guide.  People choose their bets by horses' names, numbers, colours the jockey wears, jockeys, trainers and form.  But the field has 24 horses, so it is very unpredictable.  We finally just put $2 in an office Sweep.  That's when a horse is drawn out for you (at work).

We watched the race at home.  There was lots of pageantry and tradition, etc.  Then finally they were off!  The race is 3200 metres.....about 61 feet short of 2 miles.  And literally the whole country stops, as anyone who can be near a television or radio, follows the race.  This year it was won by a truly international horse.
Americaine, bred in the US, trained in France, ridden by a French, Hong Kong-based jockey and owned by Australians.  He pipped the race favourite out in the last 100 metres!  And our horse?  It was 8th.  Oh, well, maybe next year!


  1. Looks like a carnival like air where you are :) It should be a lotta fun to see so many in fancy dress and pretty hats.

    Are you girls gonna don some hats too? Have a wonderful day at the races.. if you are going!

  2. A French, Hong Kong based jockey riding a US born, Australian owned horse. That's cosmopolitan !

  3. What a grrrreat post. I didn't know how imPAWtant that race is to you. Sorry your horse didn't win.

  4. I bet it is so much fun down under on race day!
    Maybe next year your horse will be first!

  5. What fun. Hope you didn't bet to much. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. What fun!! We love horses!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. I live near Saratoga Springs, NY so we have horse racing for 6 weeks during July & August! Mom loves going out to see the people dressed in victorian hats and stuff!

  8. Oooo I likes to eat red hats


  9. We hope you win loads! Sounds like our Grand National in the UK - most workplaces organise a sweepstake. People who never bet on horses all join in.
    Martha and Bailey xx

  10. What an exciting event! Bummer that you didn't win big, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Sorry ya'll didn't win but I think it's kinda cool bots da horsie dat did win....he kinda like da Blogville bloggers...there is a little bit of everything here.


  12. RAts!!But...I guess thats why they run the races!! Better luck next time!!


  13. i thought for sure ya'll had picked the winner...better luck next year!

    the booker man

  14. What a fun day!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

  15. That looks like fun. Sorry your pony didn't win :(


  16. Here we have what they call elections - don't konw much about it, I'm too young too vote :)