Sunday, May 2, 2010


Exhibit A: Scottish Terrier (scottie), Me, Daisy

Exhibit B: A Pig

Exhibit C: Scottish Terrier (Bella)

Exhibit D: Rabbit

When we go for walks, we get called all kinds of things: Yorkshire Terriers, Hovercraft, Street sweepers, Jock, MacTavish and yes, some kids thought we were rabbits! Kendra was called a bush pig when she was small. Many people think we're triplets, or twins when Kendra isn't with us. Hector and Bonny ( were called rats the other day. Most people think we're boys....probably because of the beards. Worse, we have a dogfood with a scottie on it. We have to put up with people saying "So chumpy you can carve it" in awful scottish accents. Got that off my chest. It makes me cranky.
It was sooooo nice today to have a lady say what a beautiful scottie I am. She's right of course.
Do you get called names? I suppose I should be happy no one has called me a cat....yet.


  1. Hiya gorgeous girls! Sigh - we completely understand. Because of the size difference between us the most common comment when we're out on a walk is 'ooooh, are they mummy and daughter?' Humph - NO!!!

    Hey, thanks for your comment on our blog, we'd be honoured if you did an 'expose' on the three of you, we'd love to find out about your lovely individual quirks!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. You absolutely look like Scotties to us! Those blind hoomans need glasses if they can't see that! Pigs?? OMG!
    We get called Poodles sometimes!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Mom was just commenting on Stuart's blog that she gets some folks emailing her that they want a Scottie because it's a lapdog - BAH ARRRROOOOO!!! They obviously know nothing about Scotties! Occasionally we'll sit on a lap, but it's when we want to be there!

    You are lucky because you are the color that most people associate with Scotties - try being a strawberry blonde - most people act like they don't believe Mom when she says we Wheatens are Scotties too. The media has portrayed the black Scottie so much that the rest of the colors aren't even known to 99% of the world. WHEW!! - we got that one off of our chest for today!

    We are not pig dogs, rat dogs, or cat dogs!! We are Scotties - hear us ARRROOOOOOOOOOO!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  4. Daisy-
    I'm so sure....a pig....what's the matter with people's eyes down there?
    We always hear: "an Air What?", oh "Air Head", Ha Ha!

  5. Daisy
    NOW....How can someone get a scottie mixed up with a PIG!!! They need glasses for sure. There should be NO problem telling what we are geezzz....I actually have not had anyone call me anything else but a scottie, whew!!!


  6. We used to get asked if we were Poodles or worse Doodles. Now people ask if we're Obama Dogs. Mom tells them she had PWDs long before Obama ever heard of them.

  7. I'm with Carrleigh on this blonde Scotties really have some splainin to do all the time. I am not a Westie. Or a Schnauzer (although the groomer thinks so). People have actually stopped her on the street and argued with her (HAH!....they don't know what they're getting into there, huh?) that I'm not a Scottie cuz everyone knows Scotties are BLACK!!! Some fool actually thought I was a Cairn. Helllllooooo. Ears on TOP of the head, loooonnng snooter shaped like brick. Short stubbie leggies. Pretty kiltie. Sorta carrot shaped tail waggin. SHE tries, she really does, but I don't like scissors around that end of me.

    That whole PIG time someone calls you a PIGGIE...BITEY them! Show em the Flashy Jaws of Death...with a WHOLE bunch of time they'll remember what a Scottie feels like, even if they're too dumb to know what one LOOKS like!

    Bonnie - Swift Warrior Princess

  8. I get called a "puppy" all the time by those humans! The audacity! I may be small but I'm mighty!

  9. What I love about the Chum thing is that that ad hasn't even been on TV in years but still, people know it. They (the Chum people) should be very happy with their advertising people. My scotties get called Jock and McTavish etc all the time but people