Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for Ron and his ute.
Dui who usually dislikes people, loves to sit near Ron and get head scratches.

Ron comes to the river nearly every day because his dog, Kelly loves it.  Kelly was hit by a ute about two years ago and was seriously hurt.  But Ron, a pensioner,  paid the huge bills to help his best friend.

He is a gentle soul one of the world's gentlemen.  Quiet, accepting of life's curve balls, and faces the world with humour and level-headedness.  

He is 91, and has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma which has invaded every part of his body.  His prognosis is months.

Ron went into action to ensure his wife who is frail and suffers epilepsy will be cared for.  He has visited lawyers, cemetaries, funeral homes etc. to get his affairs in order.  Because if there is a job to do, you just get on with it.

Every morning we wait to see if he shows up.  Some mornings he is too tired or his legs are too swollen to walk around the track, but he brings his beloved Kelly and will doggedly walk with her because she loves it.

We are thankful for every minute we have left with Ron.


  1. What a touching post about a lovely man. I'm certain he looks forward to seeing all of you.

  2. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair for someone to live so many years as a good person and then end up suffering from the evil "C". We will cross our paws for Ron with some prayers added from Mom.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. We are keeping Ron in our thoughts and prayers. I have a 99 year old Dad with cancer so I understand. The Johnson Family

  4. we wish your Ron all the best and we send a BIG hug to him... and one to Dui ... that is so super nice to spend time with Ron...

  5. Ron is an inspiration, and will no doubt make the most of the short time he has left.
    Thank you for such a touching post.

  6. Thoughts and prayers go out to Ron and Kelly. What a gem he is♥

  7. prayers for Ron and his wife and Kelly. he sounds really nice and caring.. I am thinking Dui KNOWS all his needs.. dogs do sense things like this. so sweet and a lot sad

  8. Oh Dui, Roxy and Bella and HER and all HER river buddies
    I am so very very sorry to read about Ron. He is a 'caregiver' in every sense of the word. To be thinking of others at a time like this...what a gem of a person. God Bless him and I hope and pray he isn't suffering too badly. Knowing how Mr. Dui is about folks its speaks volumes to Ron's personality...Dui knows he is special.
    Sending my hugs to all who love him

  9. We remember when Kelly got hit and how you followed them to the vet. Kelly probably realizes Ron is not well. We pray the two of them have more good days than bad days. And that he keeps showing up at the river.
    Your friend Ron will be in our prayers.
    Wills & Lee

  10. We're so sorry to hear this news about your friend Ron. Our paws are crossed for Ron and his family.

  11. What is going to happen to Kelly?

  12. What a nice man. Cherish your time with him.

  13. What a beautiful man. Sending hugs and snuggles to he and his family and friends!