Thursday, August 22, 2019

Foxy Friday....

Just as everyone was packing up
to leave the river this morning.
A dog who shall remain nameless
took off into the bushy area
along the river.

No amount of calling
could attract his attention.

SHE was forced into leaving the car
(where two good dogs were sitting patiently)
To hike through the weeds, fallen tree branches,
up and down trench-filled terrain
towards frantic barking!

Where SHE eventually found
the naughty dog leaping around,
barking madly at a small, skinny

Yelling at said dog, only stopped the action
for a few seconds giving the fox
a chance to escape.

With him in hot pursuit.

She returned to the car, drove slowly along the river
searching for the naughty dog,
finally, seeing him racing madly up and down the river bank.

The naughty, and slightly exhausted dog slowly
came to HER.
This escapade took 30 minutes.
SHE was NOT in a very good mood on the way home.
Exhausted, nameless dog plotting his next bit of mischief at home.


  1. oy oy oy.... it seems today is the day of pixxed mamas... we have an unrelaxed one too because someonewhowantstostayanonymous ruined the white carpet furever&ever... maybe they should have a coffee together to climb down from da palm tree?

  2. Hey Dui, I am super impressed. You chased a real live fox? Well done!
    Toodle pip!

  3. We hope you can avoid the leash for the next time you visit the river, Dui. At least you're safe. That's the most important!

  4. Uh...oh...Sounds like a nameless dog is in the doghouse....

    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  5. all I have to say is HE looks INNOCENT to me... were the words Bad Dog to be heard? were there any can't say on blog words? me thinks you will be leashed next time... and I see SOME people put YOUR name out there for the PUBLIC to see...oh my

  6. Did the fox escape the wrath of Dui?

  7. It sounds like someone might not have off leash privileges next time he is at the river.

  8. My guys can never resist the lure of a fox either! They are GONE if they see one when off-leash!

  9. Uh oh, some doggy has been a very bad boy. We think his privileges will probably be reassessed. Mom's get extremely unhappy when you furry guys take off and don't listen. Just ask Mackey.

  10. It is never good to run away from mom but you sure have a big smile.

  11. looks like you enjoyed the chase Dui!
    Mabel & Hilda

  12. OMD who shall remain nameless naughty naughty. Did you think it was a front yard cat?

    Determined to get the last bark in!!
    Unleashed no more
    In big Trouble with HER
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. I got no words - I'll bet SHE said them already!!

  14. Well I wonder what would have happen if you left and Dui was on his own. Maybe when he figured that out he would not have been so happy.
    I bet he would have been happy to see the car come back.
    Your Friend

  15. Oh no!!!! I can imagine the four letter words that were involved!!! Glad you’re home okay, buddy.

  16. Just good ol' terrier behavior! All terriers are deaf, when in pursuit of a critter. La La La, I can't hear you. 😂