Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Park

We're showcasing  our city's park today.
For Park Day.
It's Victoria Park and was the site of the ANZAC Day Celebrations yesterday.

 We were so excited--we tried to take off in different directions.
 There were new scents to investigate.
Bella and Roxy decided the lush grass was the perfect place to poo.
 Roxy found something to pounce on in the rose garden.
 We dragged HERalong the path.
 SHE made us pose.
 We made the ducks get into the pond.
 We're posing in front of the Cenotaph (War Memorial).
 Then we headed back to the car.
SHE said SHE is NEVER taking us there again because we tangled HER up in the leads; wouldn't stay still while SHE filled the poo bags and three retractable leads holding three exuberant dogs and camera were too much!
We hope you like our park. 
 We'd rather have gone to the river.

Oh, Roxy wants us to show the picture of her and Ernie taken at Ernie's favourite park.  That's where they went when the squirrels hit the fan at the Ball.


  1. Your park is very pretty.
    Oh no... no more visits to your park, well river it is then ;-)
    Roxy and Ernie look like their date at the park went well ♥ ♥

  2. Poor mum. We know how bad it can be with just two of us. LOL trying to fill up the poop bags whilst getting dragged......we know that one. Happy Park Day and have a fabulous Friday.
    We left you a note yesterday re Dougall having nominated your post March 1st for our share it Sunday. Just let me know if I can host it and share. You don't have to do anything. Also do you want to add a few lines about me? You can email me on mollyDOTthewallyATbtinternetDOTcom.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That park looks FAN-TAS-TIC. You are very cheeky girls to say that you would have preferred the river as it looked like you all had a very nice day.

  4. Oh that is a lovely park girls. And what is wrong with giving Her a bit of a challenge unknotting lead?
    Oh and don't Roxy and Ernie make a splendid couple. I can't imagine what that got up to next...
    Toodle pip and Happy Park Day!

  5. Bol! We like to twist Momma up too! Great Park Day visit! I like that you got the ducks to go in the water!

  6. Bawahahwaaawa that was a fun park post..Would of loved to see Humom all tangled :)That's a great park guys and I just love ducks..BOL xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Woof! Woof! Such silly Bella and Roxy. The park is sooooo clean too. Happy PARK Day! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. I love seeing you girls out and about. It's fun to see how similar your landscape is to Southern California.

  9. You girrrrls gave HER an Interesting visit to the Park... It must have looked like that Pawty game.. TWISTER !! BaaaaWaaaah. It is always so fun to CHALLENGE our Peeps isn't it? THAT is a gorgeous Park.
    HUGS to You three and your Mom fur International Hug An Australian Day.

    HEY ROXY... It's ME... ERNIE.
    Going down the Slide with YOU is the mostest Best pawt of going to the Park. I'm Hungry... Let's go get some Awesome EXTRA Possum Pizza.

  10. That looks like a great park. I was thinking that you girls were quite good at posing for the camera until I read that your human had a hard time. I don't use retractable leads for the dogs because I'd be tangled up too. Roxy and Ernie look happy at the park. Happy Friday!

  11. We wouldn't mind hanging out there for the day
    Benny & Lily

  12. Sending our a BIG HUG to my favorite Aussie lovelies.

  13. I understand. The park was so great that there wasn't a consensus about what to see first and you all had your own idea. What's the problem?

  14. That's a pretty nice park! Gosh - it even has roses!!!

  15. Maybe that's why we didn't get to go to a REAL park either:( That is a very pretty park - Mom would love the rose gardens. Bet Roxy and Ernie had lots of fun on that slide.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Oh, That sure looks like you have a FABulous day gurls!!! I'm all kinds of jealous!!! I just have to live vicariously through your gurls...

  17. But it's our job to tangle the humans in the leashes. Try walking all of us sometime!
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  18. Hey girls!
    Wow, what a fun day at the park! It never matters if the peeps have fun...just that we do! BOL I think three leads, three gorgeous girls and a camera is a PERFECT combination. BOL Looks like a great day out and I love that pix of Roxy and Ernst. Chasing duckies would be the bestest!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Park Ranger

  19. Your park is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!


  20. Hiya Daisy! So happy that you and Bella and Roxy came out for Park Day...I like the looks of your park...You've got flowers and shady paths and ducks...what could be better? (maybe a few sqwirrels to chase but SHE probably wouldn't have been too happy with that ;) ) Roxy better be careful, that Ernie has quite the reputation BOL! My furriends tell me that today it's very impawtant to hug an Aussie so {{{BIG HUGS}}} for all of you

  21. What a beautiful park! Our mom wishes she could grow roses that look like those!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  22. Nothing better than getting Momsy all tangled up ~~~ I do my best here for the gents!!

  23. I think you have a very lovely city park. The rose area probably really smells great.
    Sweet Willliam the Scot

  24. What a great park, even if it doesn't have a river! But I was reading about Anzac Day a couple of days ago--What a great holiday to celebrate and remember those who gave so much!! I'm sorry SHE got tangled, up--if it makes HER feel better, I've had the same thing happen!

  25. What a cool park. You guys are too lucky!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  26. Pawsome park. Benji is licking moms hand so got to keep the comment short.

  27. Hey friends downunder
    What a fantastic Park day post. MOL
    Roxy that Ernie is one slick fella taking you on a sliding board. That cracked me up
    Madi your bffff

  28. We're thrilled that you pawticipated in Park Day. Such a beautiful park you have there. Ha ha ha, you made the ducks go swimming. You sure had great weather for your walkie.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  29. Oh my, what a lovely-looking park! My mama barely can handle one Reuben and one camera, she thinks your mama is amazing to has pulled off that trip!


  30. There is NO better place to have a good poo than in lush grass...sheesh, you'd think SHE knew that by now, right?
    Wally & Sammy

  31. This looks like a beautiful park. Plenty of sunny and shady areas. If you ever get constipated, this would be the place to go.

  32. I never knew your park was Victoria Park too! That's so funny! Your one looks a lot bigger than mine though, and with nicer weather! Eve makes me pose all the time, but I sort of know when the camera comes out, because I sit down. Doesn't mean I look directly at her though!
    Was the ANZAC celebration good, and were there biscuits?
    Pippa :)

  33. That is a really nice park! Thanks for showing us around. We're wondering what was in the garden that was pounce worthy! You three look great as always!