Monday, February 6, 2012

We're BACK!!!

 And we didn't even know we went anywhere!!!
When we got up this morning, blogger said our blog was owner.  That was a surprise to us.  It was fine last night.
We followed all the helpful (not) blogger advice, and went for our walk.  Upon our return, we tried again.  By then several friends e-mailed to ask what happened.  Thanks everyone.
Once again, we jumped through the hoops and then the blog magically appeared.  Can't figure out that one!

Daisy, wondering what happened with Blogger.
 Anyway, we seem to be back and firing on all pistons.
 We've had THREE beautiful days.  Sunny and warm, mid 80s, we immediately thought of long walks.  SHE thought laundry!  Now, what's up with that?
 So we spent most of yesterday lounging outside, keeping the birds away. (Actually, Roxy caught one on our walk last night!)
 Roxy and Bella have been working on their hole which is looking more like a canal or a river.
(They didn't use the garden fork, it's just to show scale.)

Bella watched some television.  First, a 1953 movie set in Scotland.
'Loxdale Hall'
 And finished up with an episode of 'Hamish MacBeth'.
A very peaceful few days.
Then the blogger incident this morning.
Now the forecast is for rain for the rest of the week, but maybe we'll only get clouds.
We're glad to be back.


  1. Ugh bloggers such a pain
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Whew, dat is a relief. Blogger sucks when it comes to help though.

    How comes SHE didn't gets a foto of Roxy's birdie? I hads a birdie poop on me...yep, sures did.

    Nice little trench theres. I likes to dig.


  3. What a relief! We were so worried for a little bit til Sweet William let us know what was going on!


  4. Daisy,

    Blogger is a pain in da butt! We still can't add any of our new furiends to my blog list.
    We is glad you is back. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  5. Hey Bella... Ernie watches some TV shows too.

    A couple of weeks ago.. I got a thingy saying my blog had been REVOKED by Blogger... I sent them TWO emails and suddenly POOF.. it was "Given" Back. Don't know about that stuffs. Squirrels are runnin it I guess.

    Cool Drool Hole you girrrls have going there. I am IMPRESSED.

  6. OH YES.. I furgot to say
    CONGRATULATIONS on Catchin that BIRD!!

    PeeS.. somethingy is also wrong with my email... my signature at the bottom isn't showing up.. on its OWN like it always Used to do. I think peeps and pups Now have to click on a little gray box to see it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Squirrels.. YEP.. that is the problem.

  7. welcome back that would be a scare..bloggy deleted, OYE!! great hole guys, you are almost out
    Benny & Lily

  8. Were glad that your back! we miss you so much! happy Valentines day! :)

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  9. so glad your back....great photos...

  10. Guess we better hurry up and comment before you get deleted again..LOL!
    Love the way Bella watches the TV. I actually watched some of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and a few of the dog themed commercials on the Super Bowl. Hey, I know a dog when I see one!


  11. Blogger can be a bit silly sometimes huh!?


  12. OMG, that had to be a horrible feeling! I am glad you got it all straightened out!

  13. Helloooo Daisy, Bella & Roxy ~ Maybe blogger did not like all the rain either. When the sun came out guess it decided to work. Let the sun shine in face it with a grin.
    Smilers never lose and frowners never win.
    Sweet William The Scot

  14. I know we are glad that you are back, Too bad you didnt even get a nice vacation fur all that Ha! Nice hole there, Addy was admiring it, BOL

    Jazzi and Addy

  15. Phew...that's a relief! We couldn't find you yesterday so were just going to look up your email to see what was going on!! Glad to hear that it was just a Blogger Blip and you are back now :-) Great photo's, lovely to see you in the sunshine (as we lay here under our blankets in the COLD!) ;-) Dex and Lou xxx

  16. Congratulations on dealing with the Blogger Demons .

  17. Excellent taste in the TV viewing there.
    Toodle pip!
    PS People always used to ask Gail if Hamish was named after Hamish MacBeth. A bit silly as that is not the dog's name is it?

  18. Well, another puzzle sort of solved: at least you're back. We think Google's arrogance has rubbed off on Blogger big time. Customer service is an oxymoron in the Google world. We're glad you got your blog back. Another good reason for us not to start one: that would be reason #87.

    Your TV is most interesting; you get all those wonderful old movies, which we used to get but not anymore. Of course, we have most of the ones mama loves on DVD. And Hamish MacBeth, too. Mama actually liked the TV series better than the books. The Hamish is edgier on TV.

    Abby is also an earth dog [well, the beagle part of her is]. She recently dug a large hole under the gate and went walkabout, aging mama about 15 years in the 5 minutes it took mama to catch her. Jed, good boy ["suck up" - Abby] that he is, stayed inside the backyard.

    Jed & Abby

  19. We're so glad you're back! We were all set to comment on your last post and got the message. Blogger can be such a pain in the hiney!

    Love ya lots,

  20. Laundry or a walk ... hmmm, such decisions :)
    Glad you're back after your bloggy problems!

  21. Welcome back, that must have been very traumatic to have your blog disappear! I know it would upset us too! Good job on the hole, that will make a wonderful swimming pool this summer, but I'm sure that's what you guys were hoping for anyway, right?

  22. YAY! You're back! Blogger is Most Strange. I think sometimes it just likes to play practical jokes for the heck of it.

    Good job on the hole! I'm glad you don't use that garden fork. Paws are much more efficient.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  23. So glad that you weren't deleted from BLOGGER WORLD. That would be a sad day, indeed. I'm glad that you are having a great day now!

  24. Yes, Blogger is a mystery! We couldn't get your blog to load and then noticed it reduced at the bottom of our screen - it's a mystery alright but nice to see you enjoying the weather.

  25. Hi Girls, what a silly old blogger. Maybe it took you on a holiday but forgot to tell you hehe. Tell Bella to move over, Mum wants to join her and watch Hamish MacBeth. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  26. Kenzie and I are HAPPY you're back. Aren't big lumbering bureaucracies just grand?

    We join Kismet (my pet, the parrot) in not being 100% happy with the bird killing thing. Kismet says Roxy needs a little education or she's sending out hawks and falcons to stop it!