Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Saturday....Yay!!!

  No 6 a.m. walk.  Instead, we pile into the car at 8 and head out of town to the river.
You can't see Bella because she always rides on the floor.  She doesn't like the car much.
We arrived first.  
 Bella and Roxy got in some war games.
 Bella went swimming while Roxy and I nosed around.
 Bella knew there would be a bath when we got home, so she got as muddy as possible.
 Finally..........our friends arrived.  
 Who is it, Roxy?
Daisy       Bella
 Flash and Buddy......then Fred.....and finally, very late Jake and Max!
Roxy LOVES Jake.
They race up and down the river like mad things.
 When Jake tires of Roxy, he goes into the river where Roxy's short legs can't reach him.
There is a stand off.  Then Jake shoots off again and Roxy, hindered by the short legs, goes after him.
They play like that for over an hour.
Two hours later,  it was home for baths, a sleep......
 and bones in the evening.

Then we had a huge thunderstorm with driving rain.
So we plastered ourselves cuddled close to HER so SHE wouldn't be afraid.
We love Saturdays.
Note: for our eagle-eyed followers, Bella did get in the mud after our friends arrived.


  1. Good fur YOU BELLA!! OMD what a marvelous time you three did have. It looks like the bestest fun anydawg could pawsibly find. Well, except fur the Baff at the (ALMOST)end..
    and THEN you got to have BONES and a chance to pawtect HER from the Terrible Thunder. I just HOPE and Pray that you got a chance to have at least a SHORT nap in there somewhere.
    SUPERB SATURDAY fur you ladies!!!
    THANKS fur lettin us join you.. and Double Thanks fur not making US take a Baff too.

    PeeS My furend from Manilla, NSW says SHE is now TIRED of the Rain and Humidity. She says she would never have guessed that there was a good side to the drought that has now ENDED.. in a BIG way.

  2. Wowee! We'd be sleeping for a week straight if we played that much!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. You all really know how to have a lot of fun on a Saturday, it really looks like a great time!! Tell HER that we just went to Ben Franklins in Leesburg and got a cookie from Deli South! By the way, we didn't need to go to Leesburg Pharmacy for ear plugs--The ball has mysteriously disappeared...Yeah, disappeared, that's it.. :-)

  4. Sounds like a great Saturday filled with FUN!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  5. What a fun day!! My Saturday was filled with rain.... yuckers!

  6. Hey Bella, if you have to have a bath anyway, why not get as muddy as possible. Mom is really tired of the mud in our yard, all our dirty paws are making lots of work for her. After all that playtime we bet you were all pooped.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. That looks like it was fun. All but the bath when you got home. Much more fun to go swimming and roll in the mud.

  8. That looks like it was fun. All but the bath when you got home. Much more fun to go swimming and roll in the mud.

  9. What fun!! I would love Saturdays too!!!

  10. Mud and mates. What better Saturday could there be ?

  11. PS. See that you've got rid of the spider letter verification system . Much easier !

  12. Heyyyyyyyy you guys! :)

    Daddy did a random number thingie and you get to choose where the money from his Birthday goes to!! :D

    We have a post on the blog for you to check out and let us know where you want us to donate to! :D


  13. That sounded like such a perfect day to me - I missed out on my bones today - mum and dad dad went out and left me stucks at home!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  14. Saturday sounds like the most fun day of the week for you girls!

    Love ya lots,

  15. RATS! And I was going to say that it looked so sunny and beautiful. But I'm glad you protected Her from the storm!

  16. At least you got to go out befor the rain, it looked alot of fun
    Did your mom have to clean the inside of the car after?
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  17. Sounds like a lovely Saturday. We don't get thunderstorms in San Diego very often; I have no idea how my dog-girls would react.

  18. OMD that looks like a grrreat Saturday! We have a dog beach opening over here in one more week and I am so excited to go swimming and get dirty!


  19. Wow, what a fabulous trip out - that looks like brilliant furtling ground. I think we recognise it from you great summer photo from last year - you are sooo lucky, and Bella, love the muddy look ha ha haa!!! Dex and Lou xxx

  20. How fun! I'm so jealous it's summertime over there :)

  21. You three have the greatest friends and fun times. A bath is a small price to pay for all that fun and she still has to do the rub a dub dub work for the tub.
    Sweet William The Scot

  22. Hi Girls, what a fabulous place you get to go and play at. We would love to try swimming. Not too sure about all those baths though hehehe. Hope your weekend was wonderful. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  23. What a super fun trip you had. I'm not a big fan of the water, but still, it looks fabulous. I love the mud. hehe

  24. Sounds like a wonderful day to me! Love the pic of Bella swimming, those ears are so cute

  25. What a great adventure you had, you look had much fun swimming on the lake Woof! that was very refreshing :)

    Dog Shock Collar