Friday, April 3, 2020

Water Water Everywhere

We had a HUGE rain overnight.
We did get in the Early Morning Walk and by 9:00 a.m
the sun was shining.
We headed to the river.
And were met with a road closure.
 But we went around it and came in from the other end.
Dui did his ritual christening of the closed sign.
And we went under the gate.

Didn't get very far though.  
There were new rivers everywhere!

All we could do was sniff around and walk back to the car.
We hope it dries up a bit before tomorrow.


  1. All the same at least you had an interesting walk.

  2. We know you need the rain, but it can't interfere with your outings. We hope it dries up too. We had a big drop in temps today and rain - now all the trees and shrubs are sparkling with icedrops.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  3. Would that is some flooding. We hope it drains for tomorrow. My mom wouldn't let us go in the mud like that.

  4. My goodness that is a lot of rain. Our snow did not stick around thank goodness
    Mabel & Hilda

  5. Wow - that's a lot of water!

  6. after all the drought you went through it seems to have started to rain and can't stop... looks like fun was had by all, rain or no rain..

  7. First a drought, now water everywhere. Old Mother Nature is surely bipolar.

  8. Dui you are cracking us up with your christening of the sign. Some rain is good but when it hinders your daily routine then it's a bit of a bother.

  9. Dui you are such a Fun-gi. Give that sign something to remember your by.
    Gosh I wish there was a way to save all the rain water for use in the summer when the horrible fires visit
    Hugs Cecilia