Monday, September 22, 2014

A sister's perspective

It's me, Bella.  I'm sitting in Kelly's ute.  
After our walk around the track, when we come down to the river,
 to socialise with the other dogs,
 I usually sit here.
And yes, I can jump up by myself.

I sit here to stay away from those crazy dogs.
Especially, Dui!  He loves to attack me.
He's like the Black Knight in Python's Holy Grail.
He never gives up.
He's like a blowfly, always in every dogs' faces.
Dui is naughty and always finding something disgusting to eat.

At home, he rips out plants, de-stuffs stuffies.
AND steals food.  The other day, he tried to get two beef knuckle bones in his being MINE!
He grabs all the treats if they fall on the floor.

And he squeaks LOUDLY when he wants something.
(SHE thinks he may be a castrato now, 
though we're hoping his voice may deepen.) 
He wakes us up at 5 a.m. ready for action.
So far, he can't jump, so I can get away from him.

No one asked me if I wanted a brother.....
He is good company when we're on cat patrol, though.

Mischief, thy name is Macdui.


  1. You might start to get used to him when he grows up a bit. Until then keep the high ground

  2. I feel your pain! No one asked me if I wanted a little sister either! She was a pest the minute she waltzed in here and has remains the bane of my existence. She too gets up at the crack of dawn wanting to play or go outside and Arrooos until she gets her way. She disturbs my beauty sleep and destroys MY toys...then runs around laffin about it! She starts things with other dogs and runs behind me, leaving me to sort everyone out. She is 4 now....and still a freakin PUPPY! I keep hopping she will act her age, but she is the class clown. Pest, thy name is Kenzie!
    Bonnie...big sis to the pesky puppy

  3. Ciara here with a bit of advice for you, Bella. It takes time. Lightning is a little more than three, and I can honestly say that three seems to be the magic number for little brothers to become good buddies:)

    Woos - Ciara

  4. Well, sometimes things just don't go real good, but we have a feeling things will pan out and he becomes your pal. It took Bites a year to get used to ME and a little longer to like ME, now we do everything together!

    The Mad Scots

  5. UGH! My furiend Riley whom I walk with just got a puppy sister. She's really cute - she looks just like me, butt I can't figure out how to play with her. She pounces at me but then SCREAMS is I grab her neck. Go figure...


  6. Sounds like little brother is getting under your furs. Hang in there he mellow at some point.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Your description of Dui sounds like Bella several years ago.

  8. Maybe he will eventually slow ten years or so :)

  9. My peeps little brother is 36 and still does little brother antics. He left the door open and a skunk went in his house at 2:30 am and sprayed everywhere. They will always be 'little brothers'. What you need to do is find friends with little brothers so you can share stories. Good luck.

  10. I gots a lil brudder, too--but he's a kitty... he is goofy, let me tell ya...he climbs up on da edge of da tub to taunt me when I gits a baff, he stands on TOP of me when I'm all swaddled up in towels after da baff so's he can see whut is in da towels-- it's me, ya big goofball!! just like it wuz last time!!
    But Crockett also stole a piece of bacon offa da grill and brought it down to da floor and shared it wiff me......and he don't steal my toys....
    So I thinks I'll keep him...

  11. Da only brothers I's got is kitties and dey are pretty good. Maybe I's lucky I got Finley for a BFF and not a boy. Even if I did give her da Elvis Lip Curl at first.

  12. Aww Bella, my heart goes out to you sweetheart ♥
    Brothers huh, who'd have 'em !!

  13. You know Bella, put like that, I am beginning to understand the possibility that a little brother might just be a wee bit irritating at times…
    Toodle pip!

  14. Oh Bella. Good to know that he's got one saving grace.

  15. Well Bella for now at least you can escape to safety but soon Dui will be able to follow you. Oh no, suggest you start future escape plans. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Oh yes we know what you mean...going through it with our newest addition to the family Athena

  17. He'll learn some manners in 5 or 6 years! But he'll learn to jump long before then!

  18. He's just like a little kid...always getting into trouble and hopefully, learning along the way! Glad you can still get away from him. That won't last long until he figures out he can jump right after you. BOL

  19. BOL. Sittin in da Ute looks like a smart move. Maybe Dui needs a baby sister to pester him.

  20. OH GIRRRRRL I can TOTALLY feel your PAIN... Getting in the Ute is Brilliant... at least you get SOME relief from the HORROR. Maybe you could put a sign on the gate... PUPPY FUR SALE>>> CHEAP
    I tried to get rid of ERNIE... Oh heck... I am STILL trying to get rid of him... Butt he is still here... driving me CRAZY...
    I think you and I would BOTH have been happier with a BUNNY instead of a brother.
    Your Calm Quiet Respectful furend, Frankie Furter

  21. MOL MOL MOL Mischief thy name is MacDui....that cracked mom up.
    Dui is full of himself for sure. Bella bless your little heart having to endure such mischief rolled up in cuteness. We can only hope he will keep his nose to the ground and never be able to get to your safe place.

    Years ago after several sleepless night's due to a new sibling a young boy asked his mom if they could return the baby since he really didn't want it anyway.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  22. Ho do you jump that high, Bella?! I can barely get on the sofa sometimes!

    Edgar and his mum

  23. Hey Bella!
    Wow, you can really jump high! I'm impressed. Gosh, sounds like Dui is keeping your life entertained. BOL I think my Mom would like to have him if you can box him up and ship him here. I'll have to move out, I think. BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  24. Bella it is a good thing you can jump high. Maybe you can tell HER that DUI needs a little brother or sister of his own to keep him running and you can get a rest.
    Just a thought.

  25. Oh Dui, Angel Greta must be right in your ear, egging you on!
    Mr Bailey & hazel

  26. IMAGINE Bella having not ONE but TWO Dui's at your house. YES, it is absolutely horrible and of course now they both can jump to where I am. Mom tries to save me, from them grabbing hold of my back leg and holding me down like they are ready to brand a calf...I scream and mom comes running. I think living here is unsafe for me and they must you want to come and live wif me?
    stella rose

  27. I thinks sittin' in the Ute is a good move....I thinks it's gonna be a loooong time before he settles! Maybe you should stop over for a margarita....that should make him bearable!!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  28. Angel Maggie would tell you that little brothers can be such a PAIN but you will grow to love Dui, Bella. We promise! Give it some more time.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  29. Howdy Bella, thank dawg you can get away from Dui for a while. I too feel your pain but added to mine is the slobber on my furs. Ewwww, he's always slobbering on me. Sigh. Having brothers is a trial but I do love my big doofer brother. Won't be long and Dui will settle down. Well, he might. Actually, it might take a while. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  30. And you love him!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
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  31. I think the older dogs here might say the same RE Weasley

    retro rover

  32. OH...I love that cartoon at the top!

    Hey, Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts you guys!

    ArooOO Stu

  33. Oh Bella... Poor Bella. This is no fair to you but that Dui is just adorable. I am sure it will be ok. I hope.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy
    ps - Dui sounds A LOT like Mr. Fox

  34. We know just what you mean. Nobody asked us if we wanted two crazy spotty pups to disrupt our lives. But we're got them.