Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

....because SHE accidentally deleted our Wordless Wednesday photo!

So we'll do a Aussie post as part of our new roles as Commissioners for All Things Down Under known as CFATDU from now on.

Today was the first day of the new school year for most of the children in our state (New South Wales).
We thought we'd showcase our school bags that Sarge (and his talented assistant) made for us last September.
(They did such a fabulous job, we almost wish we were off to school ourselves.)

We said most of the kids because, in most cases the kids in years 1-6; grade 7--the first year of high school AND the year 11s went today.  The rest of the high school kids will return tomorrow and t kindergarten will gradually be added...each school is different.

However the schools to the west of us will not start until next week.  It's one of the incentives to get teachers to work in those isolated areas--they get an extra week off.
The school year is divided into four 10-week terms..some terms might be 9 or 11 weeks depending on Public Holidays..with two weeks off between the terms, and five off over the summer....adds up to 200 days per year.

The school system is state-funded, which means that all teachers no matter where they teach are paid on the same scale, school funding is the same and all schools are expected to cover the same curriculum--the way it's covered is up to the individual teacher.
As you can see NSW is one of the smaller states--it's the same in area as Texas and Virginia together.

Now, how does this affect us, you ask?
We have five schools within walking distance.
We are not allowed access to the front of our house in the mornings and afternoons when kids are walking to and from school, because we bark at the kids and they tease us.  Some even throw stuff at us!!
We have to have a VERY early walk, or go after 9:30 when all the schools are in session.  The kids take their snacks and lunches to school and usually eat on the way
 dropping foodables.  We come by later and CLEAN UP!!!! Bonus!!
Oh, sometimes SHE disappears for a whole day and comes home smelling of children. 
It should also be getting cooler in a few weeks and we can go on mid-day walks.


  1. You've a grand job in your new role as Commissioners for All Things Down Under.
    Five schools nearby WOW.
    Naughty kids teasing you, best to stay out of their way!

  2. Those are pawsome backpacks. Oh and thank goodness u guys are on clean up duty cleaning up dropped foodables. Way to go!

  3. Hi Roxy,

    We are Mona & Weenie, Texas dashsies. Mommy was talking to Ernie's Mom last nught and he is so excited abut the Valentine's Ball and his date with you. We can see why, or at lest I can. My brother is blind but I told him how prety you are.

    We singed up to follow you. Come see us sometime.


  4. That was fun learning about your schools

  5. rug rat cane be so mean when they pass by - teasing just isn't nice is it - but the foodables are a bonus

  6. Seeing as you are CFATDU,that was an excellent post today. We learned alot about your schooling system. Madi will be most pleased that you are doing your jobs so well!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. Thanks for sharing about how your schools work. It is interesting to know. Happy cleaning up after the kids. Lee and Phod

  8. Oh drop foodables really is quite a bonus. At least it will be cooler soon so you can go out when there are no little people. That was interesting to learn that your school year is just starting. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. You guys are going to be awesome in your new position.

  10. That's interesting to learn about your school system AND even more exciting that you get to clean up after their snacks.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. FOXY ROXY.... guess who this is...
    YEP... you are right (AS ALWAYS) is me ERNIE. Frankie is still sleeping butt MOM helped me get to YOUR Blog... and then she READ all about how YOUR schools work. She LOVES your system of how the teachers are paid and that all of your two leggers learn the SAME thingys. She says that she wishes it was done that way in this country.
    I think it would be wonderful to GRAZE along the way ... after the little ones drop 87 Goodies. THAT would be a really FUN and DELICIOUS walk.
    87,000 Smooches to you
    YOUR Ernie

  12. Thanks for sharing about you school system! Sounds like it's a bit more organized than here! Have fun in your new, important position!

  13. Thanks for educating us on your education system. It wouldn't be so bad to have kids throw things at you if they always threw food, but I like your idea of cleaning up after them too.


  14. Well dat is a weird set up fur your schools. My Girl goes to public school and get dis....her school is da ONLY school in da county with uniforms.


  15. Daisy, Bella and Roxy!!
    What an extremely interesting post about Schools Downunder. You all are an excellent Commissioners of all things DownUnder.

    We have a variety of school strarts and stops too. There is year around with 3 week breaks every quarter. Year around start and stop is crazy. Mom is glad my human sis didn't have this when she was in school. There is regular school August-mid June. Break mid June through Mid Aug.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  16. You mean the good teachers get paid the same as the bad ones?

  17. we are already in our second semester of the school year...winding down for summer! what great little commissioners!

  18. Students throw things at you and your peep is a sub teacher. Well those kids are living danagerously, she could give them piles and piles of homework. We like all teachers are paid the same. Around us we have two schools that pay really high and get the cream of the crop of teachers, every parent wants their kids in that school district and people without kids hate that they have a high property tax rate to fund those salaries. It becomes a real political issue.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    We like hearing about how Australia does issues like schools

  19. The school system is interesting. Not sure if the teachers would be happy getting paid the same, but we say why not. Cool backpacks
    Benny & Lily

  20. How interesting. We feel bad that the kids will pick on you. Don't they know you are just barking hello to them?

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. There's a school near us and we can hear the children when they play on the playground, but we aren't allowed to walk past while school is in session. Dad sometimes takes us to the playground on weekends when no one is around. You're right, they leave some tasty stuff laying around.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  22. I am just appalled that those children would want to throw things at all of you or tease you! Horrible! I am sad when I hear things like that because it means their parents aren't teaching them to respect animals.

    But it is very cool that you get to clean up after them -although they really shouldn't litter like that!

  23. Five schools is a lot of schools within walking distance. 5 times the foodables that they drop.. if you girls take a walk to all 5 schools :D

    Kids can be mean sometimes. They are not told that its wrong to do that. But not all kids are mean i am sure. I am sure some will wave and smile at you girls when they pass by.

  24. Hi Girrrrrls... Ernie LIED... I was NOT still in bed... I was..CONTEMPLATING Thingys. THERE is a very SUBTLE DIFFERENCE, you know.

    Love your Backpacts. Very stylish.
    and... we say DITTO to what Sw. Wm. said!!! It is a Big Political Mess fur SURE. Some kidlets get grrrreat buildings and super stuffs to work with... and others are in OLD Patched up Schools with not as much equipment to learn with and from.
    Well, that is what my mom says anyway. THIS was a super post to help us learn about how thingys are done other places.

  25. Gosh, when I started reading this post and found out how the nearby schools meant that you are restricted in your morning and evening activities I was thinking that those school kids are a BAD thing. But then you told us about all the discarded foodables and I changed my mind entirely.
    Toodle pip!

  26. I teach grade 4 in California and I enjoyed reading about how your schools work. Our educational system is a mess. Here in CA, all schools are theoretically funded the same but the ones on the rich areas ask for donations and get them so their schools are awesome and where I teach in a poor area, well, I buy a lot of pencils and stuff for the kids because we have less even though we are all supposed to be equal.

    I understand having to stay away from the front of the house because of the kids but I do not like that they tease you. That is mean. Very very mean. No wonder you are keen to HER smelling like children sometimes. At least you can eat the crumbs the little buggers drop.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  27. That is very mean of those kids. There parents obviously have NOT taught them well. That saddens me. I'm sorry gurls. Next time they walk by, you should all farts at the same time!! That'll get em' away from yous!!! BOL

  28. But what does she do with those children?

    We have a school by our house and one time my humans took me on a walk RIGHT AS THE KIDS WERE GETTING OUT. Oh, it was the very best day ever. SO many scratches!


  29. We loved learning all about your school system, girls and we just love those backpacks!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  30. They throw stuff at you? My goodness - I'd be very upset!

    Thanks for teaching all that. I had no idea about your school system. I guess that this is the end of the summer break... I bet that you can't wait for cooler weather.

  31. I don't like seeing kids on my walk, or actually I like it a lot and my walkers don't like my excitement, but I hate having my walk times changed because of school. What a quandry

  32. That was really interesting - mom, being an ex-teacher, found it especially insightful.

    You girls are really doing your country proud!
    Wally & Sammy

  33. Wow, when are you going to have time to have fun - this sounds like a big job you've taken on?

  34. Daisy - You are looking full of vim today .

  35. My peep works in a school, so she went back to school this week... :(

    She said it's an 11 week term, so (she's counting) 10 more and she can spend more time with us!

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