Friday, September 10, 2010


 Today is going to be sunny and beautiful.  We had more rain last week.  This is a picture of Kendra and I on the last sunny day we had.  We love sunny days.
 I know we complain about the rain AND our city's reservoir dam has increased from under 10% full to over 80%, but we're tired of the rain.  We're used to drought.  We've had a drought since before I was born, with only occasional rain.  This winter has been so rainy.   Even the farmers are starting to worry that their bumper crops will go moldy before they can be harvested.  (Farmers can't win. When the rain stops, there is a huge locust plague predicted.)
The good thing about drought is that every almost every day is beautiful.  We say almost because last year we had a huge dust storm.  Some poor farmers' paddocks ended up here.
 Glove prints left when the gloves were removed.
 Windscreen of the car. (The triangle emphasises the dust.)
That wasn't too pleasant.  The spa cover and car were both under shelter!  So everything was thickly covered.  We were tracking in dust for days.  Luckily that's very rare.
But today will be beautiful.  Hopefully everything will have a chance to dry off and we can go for long runs along the river!
Have a good weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Hi Girrrrls, My mom spent all Day Wed. with her furend from Manilla, NSW. She and mom were talking about the awful drought that you have been having for YEARS !!! She has all that dust too and says the farmers are just going mad trying to make a living under these odd situations.
    Do you know what Bubble and Squeak is??? Barb taught my mom to make it the last time she was here visiting. I loved the Lamb dinner and really enjoyed the bubble and squeak the next day. BUTT.. I really did not want to even be in the same room with Vegemite. hehehe

  2. Good grief...look at the dust! Our car has looked somewhat like that this summer because of construction but sure not that bad. It does get tiresome when it rains everyday doesn't it. It also gets scary when it doesn't ever rain which is like it's been here a lot this year. Farmer's can't win here either. Have a great weekend doing whatever you can!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Achoooo!!! All that dust is making me sneeze...


  4. WOW!! That is a ton of dust!!Hopefully all the rain will stop soon. The sunshine is great and I love it too.


  5. It seems the weather all over the world is mixed up, we've not had a good summer for the last 4 years Feb/March are becoming our best months.
    I remember that dust cloud on the news, didn't look good
    George Mom

  6. mum's car looks like dat and we haven't even had a dust storm.
    But I gotta say dat is some ka-razy weather ya'll has. Ya'll just can't seems to win fur loosing.
    Locusts!!!!!!!!! YUUUUCK!


  7. Thank goodness for a beautiful day. That dust storm must have been something else - Wow!

  8. Hooray for sunny days. We're having rain here today, so I plan to snuggle under a quilt with my dad person & take a nap.

    Nubbin' wiggles,

  9. Whew.........and oh how we need the rain here.....well we are happy that your day will be filled with sunshine! AAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO!
    xoxoxox..........Becky & G-dog

  10. We totally understand about the rain. Where we live the mosquitoes are ridiculous!

  11. Hi Girls,
    In every corner of this earth it is strange extreme weather!!!!!! Yesterday we had a high of 104 degrees in the garden. It is suppose to be 88 degrees in the afternoon with sun, no rain this time of the year!! Extreme!!! It has been the hottest summer ever recorded ever!! Last winter it was one of the coldest, not the coldest but close. No it is very hard on us that is growing a lot of our food. Money is tight in this house!!
    Thanks for your visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern