Saturday, July 10, 2010

A splendid day!

Today was a great day, though it didn't start out that way. Firstly, we couldn't get HER out of bed. She tried to bribe us with breakfast. We took the breakfast, but not the bribe. Outside was turning into a brilliant day. Sunny, upper 60s. No clouds. I tried to tell her that our friends in the northern hemisphere were hangin' out for a day like today. Took awhile, but she got the message. We went for a short walk. Kendra kept her occupied while Bella and I went off to explore. We found a CAT and chased it home. It lives in the cul-de-sac that borders the reserve. When we got home, it turned out to be Heartworm day. So there was an extra snack. Then the bad news. She pruned us. I always get groomed first because I'm cooperative. Kendra came when she realised there were liver treats in the offing, but Bella did a few laps around the gardens and house until she made a strategic mistake and got cornered in a chair. She was cooperative once caught.....she loves liver treats, too. Then SHE pruned the roses. The day was just being frittered away. Finally we packed into the car and went to visit little Millie. She's never seen all of us before, only me. Kendra and I said hello gently. Bella had to stay on the lead because she was so excited. She's used to playing with big dogs.

Millie was excited to see us, too. She kept trying to play bitey face with Bella.

Bella and Millie played for awhile. Millie wasn't very interested in me or Kendra. She kept going back to rough and tumble with Bella.

Then Bella was let loose. They raced around and rumbled until Bella had to be calmed down again. But Millie was right into the games.

Sometimes Millie went back to her Mum, but then she was right back there giving as good as she got.

We'd run and rest, wrestle and run again.

Millie proved to be a bit of a rough nut. She loved the wild games: being rolled over, held down, chewed. She'd get up and launch herself back into the game.

They tried to get a picture of the four of us together. But it didn't happen. We didn't rest long enough. Soon it was time to go home. Millie's Mum gave us some pork trotters that were too big for Millie.
So it turned out to be a splendid day!


  1. What a fabulous day - we're so glad that Millie is up to taking on three Scotties - she might just make it after all. And those pig trotters - they look divine. And for a day when the temp is only 60 degrees -we're ready for that too.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  2. Oh ladies - what can wer say? An excellent walk, chasing a cat, visitng and playing with a cute, cute friend and then an unexpected and yummy treat - sounds like the PAWFECT day to us!! Well, if you forget the grooming part anyway, he he he!

    Little Millie is very confident - how lovely! Gosh, we'd love a little pal like her to play with, she sounds like so much fun! We think it's very sweet that she picked Bella out as her special play pal - she obviously realised that Bella roughhouses more than you or Kendra.

    FH becomes quite delighted whenever we decide that certain dogs we LOVE and other dogs we don't want to bother with! We tell her that we are doggies who know our own minds so why is she so surprised that we are discerning?! Silly humans - they're not the brightest of species sometimes are they?!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  3. HOLY COW that is the bestest day EVER. I can not believe that you could pack all that FUN (except to the furs cutting) into one little tiny day. WHEEEEEEEEE

  4. Wonderful, so glad to hear that Millie is becoming a tough cookie.

  5. Little Millie was quite a trouper! So cute...

  6. Wow. All in All, I'd say it was the pawfect day, except maybe the haircut part. A small price to pay!


  7. Sounds like it was a fun day for all. That Millie is one little tough puppy - taking on three scotties isn't for the faint of heart!! What a great treat, too, pig trotters - yum, yum. Bet all slept well!!
    Judie, Duncan & Hamish

  8. Hello, hello, dear girls! I've missed you SOOOO much! It sure does look like that was one of the best days - maybe ever! I'm very much glad that little Millie has such Most Wonderful furends to play with! I wish I could come join you!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Those pork trotters sure do look yummy!
    Millie is one nutty puppy!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. the piggy's feet freaked mum out--heehee. you must forgive her, she is a wuss.
    it looks like you had a most pawsome time furends~!!!! :D


  11. Millie sounds like a woman of my own heart. A little dog that likes games. How fun!

    We are glad your turned out to be splendid.

    Hector and Bonny
    (and brood)

  12. Millie looks like a great friend. I don't get to be socialized much, so my mom person would like to be able to do things like that with me.

    I think those pig trotters look yummy, but my mom person made some icky sounding noises. Aren't people funny?

    It's been close to 100 degrees here most of the week, so I'd love to have some nice, cooler weather!

  13. ladies!
    after you got done with the pruning part, it sure does look like you had a super totally funsies day!! miss millie sure has a lot of energies for being so little! it sounds like she and miss bella had a grrreat time doing zoomies and playin' wrestle mania together. oh, and those pig trotters look way nose is to the screen! heehee.
    the booker man