Tuesday, April 13, 2010


See this cat. We used to know this cat. His name was Patsy (what does that tell you, huh?). He lived with some friends of ours. He's the only cat I've ever been near. Let me tell you, he was a totally useless cat. He never ran. Didn't understand the game of chase the cat. It didn't matter how many times I gave him the scottie nudge (you know, that's when you run up, nudge hard with your nose, jump back and bark) he never ran. He'd just show his teeth and hiss, but not move.

Sometimes when we visited his house, he'd get in our car and sleep on our seat. Even when we charged into the car and stood over him. He would get up and move in.... slow..... motion out the door. Boy, he was infuriating. Is that a useless cat, or what?

PS He disappeared one night. Never found a trace. Maybe he got into one car too many.


  1. Cats are so uncool. Sorry he disappeared though.

  2. cats are lame-o! dogs rule!!!
    the booker man

  3. Just goes to show you that....

    Dogs Rule and Cats Drool!!!!


  4. We know nothing about cats - but they look tasty!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. The E.N.E.M.Y.! We have two felines right in our own house! Can you beleive it?! Sometimes they play tricks on Me and Mia. We will be chasing them around the bottom floor of our home through each room and then you know what those sneaky felines do?...They jump on the island in the kitchen and laugh at Mia and I because we are still running around in circles.

    We are plotting our REVENGE!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  6. Maybe....he didn't move when someone bigger/meaner said move? Catses should ALWAYS move when dogses tell em to move. It's safer n funner that way. Especially if the move very fast. Then we can chase em! Otherwise, it's no fun.

    Sorry the kitty is missing though. I hope it comes back so it's peeps won't be sad.



  7. Hello!
    My name is Daisy and my mom said you visited us today but I wish you had visited us in person because we love Scotties and I think we'd have fun together, don't you?
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